Microsoft may Bring Back Old Start Button in Windows 8.2

Lot of big blog mentioning this news that Microsoft will bring back old styled start button on next upcoming windows update named as “Windows 8.2”. And this update will be free for all windows 8 users like windows 8.1.

I’m not sure this news is true or not. But many famous tech blog covering this news saying Microsoft will soon bring back old start button on next windows update which is currently guessed as Windows 8.2.

Like windows 8.1 which brings boot to desktop, adding start button and few other improvements compared to windows 8 operating system, in the similar way Microsoft is releasing the next update which contains start button. The start button is assumed to be old style start menu like we have one used in the Window XP OS.

The start button is the one of the major change coming to windows 8.2. Currently when you click start button it will take you to the Start screen. Many users are not happy with that changes because most of them want old styled start menu. 

Also, the new of windows will allows Metro app or app which you have downloaded in windows store will run as floating windows (I guess it’s like a traditional software) which is much similar to third-party utility like ModernMix.

Anyway, many users are already happy listening to this news. It is expected to be unveiled in early 2014. What do you think about this news?

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