Make your YouTube Subscription Private

Most of you might have know this feature which is available in YouTube. With this feature user can hide all their subscription on YouTube. YouTube has changed it’s design, and most of the tutorial you find on internet is currently out-dated one so here is the new way to activate this service.

If you care about your privacy on YouTube then you can use this feature. I personally don’t like to show my YouTube channel subscription to others. By default all your YouTube channel subscription are public, which means anyone can view what channels you have subscribed.

If you search Google you will find few results to how to hide your subscription on YouTube, but most of the tutorial you find are out-dated one. Because YouTube has changed it’s design layout and the tutorial you find are guided for old version of YouTube design. Once you make your YouTube subscription private, even channel owner also cannot able to find who subscribed to their channel.

How to Make YouTube Subscription, Liked Videos and Liked Playlists Private

1. Visit your YouTube account privacy by visiting or Once you log in to your YouTube account, click on Small down arrow which appears next to your photo on right side of your YouTube page.

youtube settings


2. Click “YouTube settings” link

3. On the left side under Account Settings choose Privacy.

make youtube subscriptions private

4. Now under Likes and Subscriptions

Put Check mark for

  • Keep all my Liked Videos and Liked Playlists private
  • Keep all my subscriptions private

5. Now click Save button which appears on top right side of your YouTube page

Once you activate this service all your subscription, liked videos and liked playlists will become private.

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