Magpie-A Twitter Advertising Company is for Sale!!

If you are a twitter user then you might be know about Magpie, a famous twitter advertising company is now planning to sell their domain. In the official Magpie blog they have posted about the planning to sell their domain. Most of the Twitter users who are using Magpie service they are making some decent amount of money with it. This news maybe shocking for them. Here what they have said in the official announcement.


Today (August 13, 2010) is the 2nd birthday of Magpie, in that announcement they have said that they are looking for the buyers. Means, they are not interested to run this project anymore. They have also said that, We have a new idea in our heads and there will be great things to come.

Here what they have said..

However, after two years now, we’ve come to a point where we would like to move on. In our hearts, we’re still software engineers and great technology is what makes us tick. We have a new idea in our heads and there will be great things to come.

We have decided to sell the company in order to focus on this idea, and we’re taking offers now. To make this very clear: we know that we have only seen the dawn of social media marketing, and we continue to believe in the huge potential of Magpie. To any buyer who understands online advertising, Magpie will be of enormous value. If we do not get a reasonable offer by someone who is willing to take good care of Magpie, treat our twitterers and our advertisers with respect and provide great customer service, we will continue to run Magpie.Putting it up for sale does not mean that we do not believe in the idea anymore; we just don’t want to do nothing halfway.

So what exactly are we putting up for sale? As I said, we need to focus on our new project, so you won’t be acquiring a company with employees. However, you do get the software, servers, databases, the Magpie domains and brand which will give you the ability to operate the Magpie advertising network and possibly build something much bigger. Here are some of our numbers from the last 30 days:

4,704 registered advertisers with many European and U.S. brands, agencies and smaller businesses
19,864,624 followers combined reach from a thoroughly vetted twitterer user base
116 actively running campaigns
14,852 Magpie tweets served
21,286,338 ad impressions

If you can make a serious offer – either in cash or equity – and if you are willing to keep Magpie alive and running in some meaningful form, maintaining a high level of integrity and continuing to provide value to the Twitter ecosystem as a whole, please contact us. I will be in San Francisco Bay Area from August 15th through 28th. If you would like to meet, just send me a short email to jan (at) be-a-magpie (dot) com.

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BLOG404 - August 17, 2010

this is one my best earning network . Hope the system continue to pay tweeples for their sponsored tweet 😀 even the company is acquired !

    Arun - August 17, 2010

    Same here.. it is paying me too..

aatif@social-catalog - September 12, 2010

magpie is not so good for me , i made only 8$ . Sponsoredtweets is best for me .

pricenfeature - July 18, 2011

I made 16$ in magpie and that was transferred to my sponsored tweets account !!!! did IZEA bought it ?


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