Where and How to Start Learning Git?

Don’t know anything about Git? are you an absolute beginner to git? then you’re in the right place. Because a few days back even I’m in the same position. Without having any clues about git, and absolute no knowledge on where to start and how to start learning git. I spent so many days just to clearly understand what actually git is all about and how we can make use of git in a development process.

I know there are many resources available online to learn git software. But the problem is, most of those git resource or blog post directly starts with git commands. Who want those commands? without knowing what I’m doing with those commands.

There is some blog post who tried to explain about git. But their way of explanation is not for git absolute beginners like me.

I’m not a git expert! I just now started learning git by spending so much time on browsing online git resources. Things which I understand on git, I’m going to share here on this blog in an easy to understandable format so that any git beginners can easily understand what I’m saying about git tutorial.

If you are an absolute beginner to git, then I think you should bookmark this blog and keep visiting this blog to get latest articles on git. If possible I will try to explain all git stuff with practical examples with appropriate screenshots so that you can easily follow what I’m saying by doing the same thing on your computer as well.

Ok, I think I should finish all these introductions and I need to go back to the main point.

Where and How to Start Learning Git:

git where how start learning

You are lucky enough to find this blog post to get right direction to get started with git learning process.

If you really serious about git, then what I would suggest you guys is- let’s start with the git basics. By that way, you are going to have the very clear picture about git.

Ha… wait! before going to directly to git basics, I would recommend one more thing. That is Understanding Version Control System.

Yes! That’s required. Because git is also a type of version control system or software. So if you have knowledge on Version Control Software then it would be good. In this blog, I will be explaining about version control and all other git stuff on the different post. But it takes some time for me to explain about all those, till that time you should wait or you can do research on your own on google. Instead of disappointing you guys by without giving any proper guidelines, I’m going to give Headlines so that you can do google yourself about that headline and learn by yourself. Once I added the post here on this blog, I’m going to link to those articles as well.

Understanding Git for Beginners:

Here the flow you need to follow to understand git in the better way. Before I start explaining about the flow, I would like to inform that, Git has it’s own official book to explain Git concept. Let’s start from there itself. You can download git official book here. After reading that book partially, what I felt is, some content in this book is really good but some of the content is little technical sort. Which usually beginners fails to understand. Anyway, you can give it a try once. Because it doesn’t cost you any money. But it cost your time for sure.

Here the flow that I recommend for any beginners to go with to better understand git.

  1. Learn and Understand about Version Control System (VCS) or Software. Know why companies use VCS. Try to go little deep here.
  2. Know about Git Basics
  3. Know Why most developers, companies using Git. Try to Explore the Power of Git
  4. Install Git on your Computer
  5. Learn only Git Basic Commands (Ex: Add, Commit, Push, Pull, Remote, Status, Log etc)
  6. Try to Explore all Git commands on your Computer practically
  7. Now you try to explore going back to your old changes with git revert command

I think this much is enough for any beginners to get started with Git. Once you understand all those things practically, I’m sure that you are now ready to use git on your live projects. I really don’t recommend you to start directly working with your live project. But I still recommend everyone to start using git with the project you are working by having proper project backup. So if something went wrong with git, you still recover your project.

If you think I missed something, feel free to share on comments. Also, let me know the flow which you guys going to suggest for git absolute beginners in comments.

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