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Every blogger/webmaster has a dream to get more out of   his website, it’s better to know about our website report to improve our website performance. We usually check our website report with Google webmaster tool, but the Google webmaster tool provides details about how our website doing in search engine and not in the point users. Here is a new and nice tool to check our website progress or website report in a easy way.

Nibbler-The website testing service:

website report

Nibbler is a new tool to check our website ranking report or we can say, just a website report to know something, which we don’t know about our website. It’s easy use just enter any website we need to test and click Test button. After analyzing your website on social media and considering with differ factor, they will show your “Website Report” and gives score on different Topic.

The below image is the score of domain when we tested on Nibbler tool.

ashout report

You may see they have given or split the score on different topic. They also provide an errors which they have found on our website to increase our website score. When we click on each error or message we will be taken to some detailed information about that error message which contains Recommendations to fix those website errors.

website test

how to test website

Nibbler, the website testing service also provide some social media information about our website by checking digg,Delicious bookmarks and Tweets reference our websites.

social media infromation

This website report tool is in Alpha stage, which means not everything is working properly yet. But we can use this Nibbler to check some rough score about our website. They also offer premium service to check more detailed information about our website in silktide. This is just a quick way to know about our website.

Visit: Nibbler (Free) | Silktide (Premium)

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amol - January 8, 2011

Excellent Template thank for Posting here

amol - January 11, 2011

Excellent Website u can check your website Seo Score

Someone - September 5, 2016

This is pretty old… Nibbler changed a bit since that time…


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