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Are you using Twitter? And what to know how active you on Twitter? Here is a nice twitter apps to know your twitter activity. Twifficiency is a free twitter apps that helps you to how you are active on twitter. It is easy to use and free service. Twifficiency calculates your twitter efficiency based on your twitter activity. This includes how many people you follow, how many people follow you, how often you tweet and how many tweets you read.

Note: This apps will auto tweet the result to your twitter profile containing link to their website. The below image is the Tweet tweeted by Twifficiency automatically after calculating my Twitter activity or Twitter efficiency.

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twitter activity

    1. To calculate your twitter efficiency/activity just visit Twifficiency website.
    2. You will see Calculate my Twifficiency button, click on that button


    1. After clicking that button it will take you to your twitter profile, Click Allow button to Allow it
    2. After allowing, it will once again redirect to Twifficiency website and displays your twitter efficiency based on your twitter activity

twitter efficiency

My Twitter efficiency score is 50% because I am active on twitter @pkarunkumar. If you interested then you can also calculate your Twitter Activity score or Twitter efficiency with Twifficiency.

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Paritosh - August 20, 2010

I believed it was some kinda spam. But will try it out now!

    Arun - August 24, 2010

    No dude, I don’t think this is spam! If it is so.. then it won’t comes here πŸ˜‰

Gojeg - August 20, 2010

Interested to try it.. πŸ˜€ I’m a twitter-addicted. πŸ™

Blogging tips - September 3, 2010

I’ve tried this…

its a nice tool…My efficiency is 51 πŸ˜€

— Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

Ashutosh Nigam - August 28, 2011

nice post and a very good tool to know the efficiency…


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