Jio Recharge Plan Compared

Thinking about recharging Jio and got confused seeing so many Jio recharge plans and not sure which jio plan to choose? Don’t worry. In this article, I’m going to share all the Jio recharge plans available and compare their Per day cost with the data plan so that you can easily guess which jio plan is most suitable for you.

Jio Recharge Plan 2022:

Serial NoPlan PriceValidity in DaysDataPrice Per Day
1155933624 GB4.639880952
2395846 GB4.702380952
3155282 GB5.535714286
4149201 GB/day7.45
5179241 GB/day7.458333333
6209281 GB/day7.464285714
725453361.5 GB/day7.574404762
828793652 GB/day7.887671233
9666841.5 GB/day7.928571429
1029993652.5 GB/day8.216438356
11119141.5 GB/day8.5
12239281.5 GB/day8.535714286
1331193652 GB/day + 10 GB8.545205479
14479561.5 GB/day8.553571429
15719842 GB/day8.55952381
16199231.5 GB/day8.652173913
17533562 GB/day9.517857143
19299282 GB/day10.67857143
20299282 GB/day10.67857143
21249232 GB/day10.82608696
2241993653 GB/day11.50410959
23659561.5 GB/day11.76785714
241066842 GB/day + 5 GB12.69047619
25799562 GB/day14.26785714
261199843 GB/day14.27380952
27419283 GB/day14.96428571
28499282 GB/day17.82142857
29601283 GB/day + 6 GB21.46428571

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