The Ad that made me to click 79+ clicks!!

All people see ads in daily life it may be in TV channels or it may be in Internet. Some people like ads and some other don’t. Today what I am talking here is not related to TV channel ad, but it related to Internet. I like creative ads, but usually don’t click on them if it’s not related to me. When I am browsing in search of a good white minimal theme for my site I landed on one site, their I saw interesting ad.

The ad what I have seen on their website don’t convey anything about their website it simply saying “Do Not Push” containing white background with red button. I’m impressed with that statement i.e. “Do Not Push” so I starting pushing (clicking) on that button. When I click on it simply saying statement related to don’t click. More impressed and starting clicking that ad and it goes on giving Β  some nice statements I enjoyed that statement and continued with curiosity of what it may be. Finally, after clicking 79 clicks I got two options “Share” and “Visit site” !!. Then I clicked visit site to see what it is. Oh!, it’s a “Banner design” company!.

Wow what a creative ad design! I loved that ad. I think this is the only ad made to visit sponsored site with 79+ clicks without hesitation!! what a nice creative it is.

Wanna see that ad? Ok, no problem we have download that ad for you only, start clicking… I’m sure you will enjoy clicking.

About that ad:

This ad is created by one of banner company called Banner Snack. This website is designed to create free ads and pro ads too. The above ad is swf format so we need flash player to open that ad. If you are not installed flash player, then this ad my won’t display. The free user can create ad as same as pro users, but only thing is watermark will be added to your created ad.

What you think about this ad? Do like it or not? Any other good banner making website you know? Share with us.

Visit Banner snak

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Shiva | Web Magazine - May 8, 2010

This ad is truly very interactive..ha ha…I could not stop myself clicking. By the way bannersnack is quite a good tool for making banners

Lakhyajyoti - May 9, 2010

Really creative idea.Thanks for sharing.

SnackTools - May 10, 2010

Thanks for spreading the word about the red button banner and about our banner maker. We appreciate it.
@Shive We’re happy that you like BannerSnack πŸ™‚

wish you all a great day

Simrandeep - May 10, 2010

I too clicked on this ad multiple times when I noticed it on instantshift.

Rockstar Sid - May 14, 2010

How did you count? lol

I nearly stopped at 38 clicks but went on till the last flash slide. Pretty cool though! πŸ™‚

    P.K.ARUN - May 14, 2010

    I’m interested in this ad so, started counting… it’s not a big deal to count how many slides it has πŸ˜€

Murlu - May 26, 2010

That’s really smart. It reminds me of this button game that literally would take you 10 minutes to complete but it’s so compulsive you always play it to the end.

I think this would be great so users could read bits of information one subject at a time so it doesn’t come across as this big advertisement.

Shah - June 8, 2010

that was fun. i clicked until the end, that would be 80 clicks. Thanks Arun.

i’m off to BannerSnack to play some more.

Manu - June 27, 2010

thats really funny …


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