Drag and Drop images in Gmail

In first we use lab feature to insert images in Gmail. But now don’t need to have any lab feature to add/insert images in gmail because, Gmail official blog announced a new feature in Gmail that’s helps you to add images to gmail without using any lab feature. This new feature is launched today in official gmail blog.

But this “Drag images into messages” presently works with only Google chrome browser and not works with other browsers. They have said that feature will be available in all other browsers too in upcoming days.

To insert images/photo’s into messages just drag that image from your computer into the message field of the Gmail.

drag and drop image in gmail

I personally like this feature because, it made easy to insert images to email. But they need to add this feature available to all web browsers. What you think about this feature?

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Namit Gupta - June 18, 2010

Its a great time saving feature. I myself tried it several times, this feature makes it easier to attach files and saves time too.

    P.K.ARUN - June 18, 2010

    Yes, it’s really helpful if you are uploading images often.


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