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Outlook launched new feature to import your Gmail account to If you are thinking to switch your mail provider from Gmail to outlook, then follow this guide. By this feature you can import all your existing mails to outlook account.

Outlook is a new mail service provider from Microsoft. I myself have an account with them because windows 8 is tightly integrated with Microsoft account. Now recently outlook announced a new feature on their blog to import Gmail mail account to your outlook account.

Before explaining the process let me tell you what it actually means for you. Once you complete importing Gmail account to Outlook account you will get below features

  1. You can send mails from your Gmail username ( using outlook mail service
  2. All the mails from your Gmail account are imported to your outlook account
  3. You can receive all the mails getting to your Gmail account to your outlook account
  4. See and chat with your Gmail contacts from and other Microsoft web services

Importing Gmail account to

Please note, this feature is currently not enabled for all users. If you didn’t get this feature then you may need to wait few more days.

To start importing your Gmail mail account to outlook, follow below steps.

1. Visit this link and sign in to your outlook account. Once you sign in you will see a pop up notification saying “Import your Gmail into” Click Start button to continue the process. If you want more option then click on Options link

import gmail to outlook

2. If you already signed into your Gmail account then it will select that account and ask your permission to access your Gmail account. Click Accept button

microsoft asking permission

Once you Accept that, outlook start copying your mails in your Gmail account to Outlook account in background.

3. Now it redirects to your outlook account and show another pop up message containing further instruction. Click Open Gmail button here

set up forwarding from your gmail account

4. In your Gmail mail account you will see a mail containing few instruction to forward your Gmail mails to your outlook mail account follow those instruction.

Once you complete the setup visit your outlook account and see the changes. To check your Gmail mails in your outlook account click on Quick views and there you will your Gmail ID click that.

quick views outlook

To send mails from your Gmail account in outlook, click on Down arrow and choose your Gmail mail ID.

choosing gmail account in outlook


It looks like outlook is allowing only one Gmail account to import. If you try to import another account you will get a message saying

It looks like you’ve already connected and imported your email. Are you sure you want to import your email again? To avoid duplicates, make sure you delete emails from the previous import.

Want to import your email from another Gmail account? You need to remove your current connection to first. Then come back here to begin the new import.


So we cannot import two Gmail accounts to

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