I Shared My Internet with 20 Students. Here What Happned

We own 2 buildings with 8+8 rental units and 2 owner houses, so 9 houses in each building.

I planned and implemented proper networking concepts for both buildings during construction time.

So that if in case I need to share an internet connection to both the building, I can do it whenever I need.

All our tenants are college students themselves.

On one random day, one tenant asked us if we could share our internet connection with him… as taking an individual connection costs him more.

He told me he would pay some amount to us.

I Agreed immediately…

Because all I need to do is just plug wire in my house.

This is the first time I’m sharing our internet connection. I’m unsure if sharing an internet connection will slow our internet speed in my house.

I’m on 300Mbps speed with unlimited data.

So data consumption-wise, it doesn’t affect us… only speed decrease is what I’m worried about.

I started noticing speed in my house after sharing the internet with another user…

It didn’t affect us in any way.

Slowly I started giving the same internet connections to more tenants/students as and when other students asked us.

And all of them use gigabit routers to get full internet speed on their wifi devices.

When I used to give new connections, I always observing the internet speed in our house. 

I don’t want to compromise my internet speed by sharing it with other users.

Currently, I have shared our internet connection to 10 rental units. We have almost 30 to 65 devices always connected to our network nowadays…

I can tell from my experience that browsing speed didn’t affect us.

If any user kept downloading, then only the internet speed testing tool showed decreased speed up to 60Mbps, but this decreased speed didn’t affect us in any way.

I can still smoothly watch youtube videos…

I can still browse the internet without any slowness…

As you may notice, I’m on a 300Mbps plan. If my speed is not 300Mbps, I could notice a slow internet experience.

I believe I’m not noticing any speed issues due to higher bandwidth.

Coming to the data usage… Last month we consumed only 3 TB of data even after sharing with so many students (on avg, 20+ users).

So If you are on a high-speed plan, you don’t notice any speed slow-down issues even if you share your internet with other users.

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