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You know how many times it would have happened with you that you are watching a video on YouTube and all of a sudden you come across a thumbnail from the video that you have just seen across the feed, and you wanted to download that. However, you also understand that is very difficult to download that instantly. You try out various ways like taking screenshot, copying URL of the YouTube video and pasting in the browser hoping that you will get an option to download.

It never happens. YouTube doesn’t allow that now. With the new design layout, YouTube not only increased the viewing experience for users but also placed some stringent security options that will enable integrity of the overall videos that are uploaded to YouTube daily. Here in this article, we provide you the best ways to download thumbnails from YouTube videos that you have liked the most and use it freely for your purposes.

Basically, there are two natural methods to download the thumbnails from YouTube. This process can be followed on both mobile as well as the desktop. If you try to download it on your mobile, then it might cause you little pain as the screen will be much smaller and follow these steps, it might take some time to adopt, and however, if you try to do it on your computer it will be more straightforward. So without wasting much of your time, let’s get started!

Method 1: Use Site 

Method 2: Manual Method

Method 1: Use Website to Download Youtube Thumbnail

One of the most straightforward methods to download is to use this website called as to download the thumbnails of the YouTube video. The process is simple, and you will be able to download the image within seconds.

This is one of the best youtube thumbnail grabber website available online.

Steps to Follow:

1. Navigate to the YouTube video whose thumbnail you want to download

open youtube video url

2. Copy the URL of that YouTube video

3. Navigate to and paste the URL of that YouTube video

visit thumbnail downloader website

4. Then click on “Get Thumbnail” button

click on get thumbnail button

5. That is it, the site automatically shows you the thumbnail of the video

6. Now if you are OK with the thumbnail, click on “Download Thumbnail” button

click download thumbnail button

7. The full resolution size image of the thumbnail will appear in the new tab

8. All you have to do is, right click on the image and select “Save image as” option

right click and save youtube thumbnail

9. Give the position of the folder in your computer wherever you want to save and click on Ok button

10. That is it! The thumbnail of the video which you wanted now resides in your computer.

This website can help you download the thumbnails not only from YouTube but also from All the thumbnails about any of the videos from this website can be downloaded instantly. However, you even should understand the fact that these thumbnails are copyrighted and reusing them without the permission of owner may cause you troubles.

Apart from this website, there are number of other websites which offers you same assistance to download the thumbnails. However, we find this website very intuitive and easy to use. It is also neat meaning not cluttered with ads everywhere. Other websites which you can use to download the YouTube video thumbnails are:

Other Youtube Downloader Websites:


Method 2: Manual Way to Download Youtube Thumbnail

There is another method which is little complicated compared to the previous one. This method is a manual mode of downloading the thumbnail of the YouTube video. The sole purpose of this method is to download the original resolution image of the thumbnail thereby not losing any quality of the image which often happens with some of the websites that mentioned in the above method. So it requires some steps to follow as below:

Steps to follow:

1. Navigate to the YouTube video whose thumbnail you want to download

2. Right click anywhere outside the video in an empty space of the page

3. Click on “View Page Source” option which will open up in new tab

visit youtube video page

4. Now don’t get frightened if you see number of lines of codes on your computer screen. Just press “CTRL + F” keys together.

5. In the search box, try to search for “maxresdefault.jpg

search for maxresdefault.jpg

6. It will highlight all the texts with above name in those lines of code. Now the first highlighted text you see, right in front of it, there will be an URL that will start with “http” something like this:

look for http

7. Now copy that URL starting from ‘http’ till ‘maxresdefault.jpg’ and paste it in new tab

copy http to maxresdefault.jpg

8. Don’t hit “Enter” that quick. You have to change “%3A” text in that URL to “:” and then click Enter


fix url and open youtube thumbnail image

9. Now it will display you the full resolution size thumbnail. Just right click on the image and save it on your computer

10. That is it! The thumbnail of the video which you wanted now resides in your computer.

This method might look a little complex; however, if you take a closer look at the steps, you will understand that it is quite simple and useful as well. The same can be done on the mobile as well, but it requires you to open the URL of the video in Chrome browser and open the “Page source” link as “Desktop site” option which you can find it in settings of the browser.

Video Guide on Downloading Youtube Thumbnail:


If you’re a content developer on YouTube, then you might find many of the YouTube videos whose thumbnails are just perfect or they are coming directly from the publisher like any Hollywood studios or some famous brand. You want to use that thumbnail for your video and use it as your video thumbnail with some modifications. In such situations, it is entirely necessary to know how you can take the thumbnails of those videos.

In this article, we have explained you the most commonly used methods to download the thumbnails of the videos from YouTube or even from Vimeo. Hope this article has enough content that will satiate your purpose and help you in some ways. Also remember, that these two methods can be applied both in computer or mobile. However, we recommend you that do it on the computer since it is lot easier compared to do doing it on mobile.

Let us know in the comments section below if you have any further doubts.

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