How to Apply Gruha Jyothi Scheme

Gurha Jyothi scheme is a new scheme by the Karnataka government to offer free electricity to consumers. If you need free electricity, then you need to apply to the gruha jyothi scheme to get these benefits.

As per the official announcement, it takes effect on the August 2023 electricity bill.

If you are interested in getting free electricity from the government, then follow the below step.

Please note: If you are getting errors on the website, then try after some time. It will work. I recommend trying non-working times like 7 PM to 7 AM. That time server won’t be busy, so you can easily apply.

How to Apply Gruha Jyothi Scheme

1) Register for Seva Sindhu if you have an account. To register an account, visit:

Or try:

seva sindhu website registration

(You can click on the images for better view.)

2) Now login to the below URL to apply for gruha jyothi scheme

3) Once you log in, go to Apply for services >> View all available services >> click on “Gruha Jyothi Scheme

choose Gruha Jyothi Scheme in seva sindhu website

4) In ESCOM Name choose your electricity supply department. In my case, it is “BESCOM” 

choose your electricity board

5) Enter the Account ID, which is displayed in BESCOM Bill

Accound ID in BESCOM Bill

6) As soon as you enter the Account ID, it will display the owner’s name and address in the below fields. You may need to wait a few seconds to get the data. 

If it is still not fetched, then select/click on the empty field of “Account holder name as in ESCOM.

Account holder name as in ESCOM

Account holder address as per ESCOM *

7) In the Type of occupancy, select the Owner or Tenant option. If you are in rent a house, then choose the “Tenant” option.

8) Enter your Aadhaar Number in the Aadhaar Number field. You should enter your aadhar number, not the owner’s aadhar number.

9) As soon as you enter aadhaar number, you will get one pop-up saying “Please click on Aadhar authentication” option. Click OK on that popup.

Please click on Aadhar authentication

10) Now you get two more buttons saying

“Aadhar Authentication”

“Get Aadhar Details”

Aadhar Authentication

11) Click on the Aadhar Authentication button first

12) It will take you to the new page. On that page, you will see the Aadhaar Number field.

Enter your Aadhar Number and check the box and click Generate OTP.

13) You will receive OTP on your Phone (on Aadhar linked phone number). Enter that OTP and click Submit button.

14) Now, you will come back to the earlier page. Here now click on the “Get Aadhar Details” button

Get Aadhar Details

15) It will automatically fetch your Aadhar card name in Applicant Name as in Aadhar field.

automatically fetches your Aadhar card name in Applicant Name

16) Enter your mobile number (not owner) in the Mobile number for the communication filed

17) Now, you will get OTP for mobile number verification. Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number.

mobile number verification

18) In Declaration, click on the “I Agree” check box.

19) Click on the “Submit” button

20)Now, it will take you to the next page. Verify all the entered details are correct. If it’s correct, click on the “Submit” button again.

reverify enter details again

21) On the next page, you will get a confirmation message. Click on the “Export to PDF” button to save the document to verify later. Don’t skip this step.

success. Save the document

That’s it.

Now you successfully applied for free electricity under Gurha Jyothi Scheme in Karnataka.

I recommend everyone to keep this document somewhere safe. In the future, if you need to check the status of the application, then this exported document is required.

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