How to get Google Music Invite?

Google today launched a new service called “Google Music” where user   can upload a music keep everything in sync so that music which you upload is available everywhere wherever internet connection is available. It is something similar to digital locker for music. If you have internet connection then you can access your music in your mobile (now supports only for Android devices) or in any PC. The music which you have recently played is available in offline that you can listen music without internet connection too. Now Google Music is in beta, it is available only those who have Google Music Beta invites. If you don’t have Google Music Invite here guide to get beta invites.

google music invite

How to Get Google Music Beta Invites?

1. Visit Google Music by visiting this URL

2.   Check About section in that or visit

3. In that about section you will find “Request an Invitation” button click on that button and sign in with your gmail id.

request invitation for google music

4. After sign-in you will find confirmation message saying “Thanks for your interest. You have requested an invitation to Music Beta.” That confirms that you have successfully requested a Google Music Invitation.

That’s it, if they selected you as one of the beta user, then they will mail you a link to sign-in to Google Music.

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