Google Launched Helpouts, Here What You Need to Know

Google yesterday launched helpouts, a new service to help people with Experts via live video session. If you have any problem now you can do a video chat with experts on helpouts. Most helpouts available are paid service from the experts so you need to pay the fees which is fixed by the experts.

Cost per helpouts difference from one experts to another experts. Some experts charge fixed price per Helpout or per-minute rate  and even some experts offering for free of charge.

 google helpouts

From now onwards, if you are facing any serious issues, then you can always get a live help from the experts. Of course, live help out is not available 24*7.  Experts usually available on particular time period and you have to contact with in that period only or you can always schedule helpout on any other day on particular time period which is given by expert.

If you are not satisfied with the helpout, then you can always get 100% refund of your money.

Currently, helpout experts need an invite code form google to give their  service on helpouts. If you don’t have an invite code, then you cannot offer your service on helpouts now. You can request an invite code here  if you want to offer your service.

I think this is going to be very useful service from Google. Because, if you don’t get what you are looking on internet then you can always contact experts directly without wasting much time.

Even though most helpout is not available for free, I think it’s worth even paying for those helpout. Because Time is money, and not everyone interested in wasting there time in fixing problems.

Now if you have any doubt or problem, you can fix those problem sitting in front of your computer instead of taking your physical products (ex: PC) to local store to fix that.

Helpouts is recently started service so you can find only few categories in that website. They will increase categories day by day which is as announced in official blog post.


Official words…

Today, we’re announcing  Helpouts—a new way to get and give help over live video. Our goal is simple: help people help each other. We want to use the convenience and efficiency of the web to enable everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is, to easily connect with someone who can help.

Help might be a quick answer to a problem you’re having right now, like how to fix your garage door, or how to remove a computer virus; or it might be guidance completing a project, like building a deck. It might be learning a new skill, like how to speak conversational French or how to draw cartoons; or it might be general advice on how to improve your fitness or your writing (I could use this right now).


Watch Official video to know about what Helpouts is all about

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