How Can You Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free?

If you are a google drive free user, you might know that a google drive free account limits 17 GB of space. To increase google drive space, you need to upgrade to any of their paid plans. In this article, I will share a trick to get Google drive unlimited storage for free without upgrading to any paid plan.

Update (10/06/2022): I have been using this Google shared drive for the past 1 year, and it was working fine. Suddenly, that shared drive was GONE! all the stuff I kept was also gone. So use the below trick only to store files TEMPORARILY. Don't store any sensitive data in the Shared drive. 

How this Google Drive Unlimited Free Storage Trick Works?

Google offers unlimited storage options for educational institutions to offer their students unlimited storage options to their google drive account for educational purposes.

Students can get unlimited storage options by sharing their google drive email address on a web page. It automatically processes an unlimited storage option to those students who requested without verifying anything.

Once students send a request on that web page, it automatically adds one “Shared Drives” on a student’s Google Drive account where students can upload unlimited files without worrying about storage issues. Whatever the files upload on these newly created Shared drives won’t count towards the personal google drive storage limit.

Also, Any files uploaded in “My Drive” is counted towards their personal google drive storage limit.

What is the Draw Back of this Method?

There are many drawbacks are there in this method. Ensure you understand all the drawbacks before you upload any files to the newly created unlimited shared google drive.

1) This is a kind of trick/hack/loophole. This is allowed only for their college students to get this option. You are not a college student to create this account so keep that in mind.

2) You cannot store your private files in this drive. Whatever files you upload on your newly created shared google drive account is visible to the account admin of the college. They can access all your files.

3) Your newly created unlimited shared drive can be gone at any movement. College admin has permission to delete all your uploaded files and your shared drive at any moment.

Make sure you read and understand the risk of this free unlimited google drive trick before you starting using this method.

How to Get Free Unlimited Google Drive Storage on your Account?

google drive unlimited storage account

1) Visit

If above URL doesn’t work, then try below sites.

Tip: If you don’t have time or if the above sites are not working, then you can try these fiverr service to get it done.

2) In Shared Drive Name field, give any name. Example: “Temporary Drive”

3) In “Your Gmail Address”, Enter your google drive email address where you need to get unlimited shared drive

4) Select any one college name from the drop-down menu

5) Solve Captcha

6) Click on “Submit” button.

Once you done all the steps you will see Success! message.

Now go and check on your google drive account. You will see a new shared drive. Whatever the files you put on that folder won’t count towards your personal google drive storage limit.

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1 thought on “How Can You Get Google Drive Unlimited Storage for Free?”

  1. In this process, there is a risk Website Admin can Access your Files and Folders from your Google Drive Account.

    He or she also can Delete your Files and Folders from your Google Drive Account.

    So, be careful before creating this kind of Account

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