Google Chrome Soon Stop Supporting Extensions Outside Google Store

Google chrome official blog announced that, they will soon stop supporting extensions hosted outside the Google store. According to their announcement, bad users  abused there system (where users can install extensions outside the store). They even received many complaints regarding this. What happening is, some of the google chrome extensions hosted outside the Google store installing the extensions by bypassing the prompt to silently install malicious extensions. Which thereby alters the default settings of the chrome browser and thus causes bad  user experience.

The    malicious extensions which are hosted outside the Google store, they don’t have control over those extension and thus they cannot stop  damage that cause to the users. To tighten the security of the chrome browser and to prevent such issues, Google decided not to offer extensions installation outside the store.

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They still continue to support local extension installs during  development  as well as installs via Enterprise  policy, and Chrome Apps will also continue to be supported normally.

This new rules will be implemented on coming January. If you have any extension which is hosted outside the store, then it’s time move to Google store.

I think, this move is not good to all users. It might helps few users, but not many of them. If you are an advanced user, then you know what you are doing with the extension or with the website you are dealing with.

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Instead of removing the feature completely, they could have a add an option to Enable or Disable installation of extension outside the chrome store.

After this announcement, many users start commenting like- now we have to move to Firefox, they will soon block Adblock extension etc., on many blogs.

I’m sure many users are not happy with this News. What do you think about this move? Are you happy with this move?

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