Gmail Automatically Redirecting to Calendar [Fix]

Is your Gmail account Redirecting to Calendar? or somewhere else? Here is fix for “Gmail Account Redirecting“. Yesterday my Gmail account also started redirecting to calendar. I don’t know what happened to It suddenly to do so. I tried to login other Gmail Account at the same time, but other Gmail account working fine without redirecting to anywhere else. I search it on Google, and what I noticed is other people also suffering from Gmail Redirecting in their Gmail account. Here I collected some of the solution for Gmail Keeps Redirecting.

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Gmail Redirecting to Calendar:

As I as said above, I also faced Gmail Constantly Redirecting problem in my Gmail account. When I login to one of my Gmail account, within few seconds it automatically starts redirecting to Calendar. I don’t know how this is happening in my Gmail account. Because of this issue I’m not able to read any of the emails which is available in my Gmail Inbox.

After researching a bit I noticed that Gmail redirecting problem is happening in only Firefox Browser and not in other browser. So tried to login to my Gmail account with other browser such as Google Chrome and Internet Explorer browser and it works fine without redirecting to anywhere else. This confirmed that Gmail Redirecting is happening only in Firefox browser.

How I Fixed Gmail Redirecting Problem?

In my case I just formatted my PC because I think that some Virus are working on my Pc. After formatting my pc, when I login to my Gmail account it won’t redirect to calendar or somewhere else. It’s works fine after doing this. But this is not the fix for you.

My Suggestion for “Gmail Redirecting Problem”

I noticed that, many users suffering from Gmail Redirecting issue with only Firefox browser. So better to check the Add-ons you have recently installed or try uninstalling one by one add-on in Firefox browser. In most case some add-on may give this type of trouble Or if possible try to Reinstall the Firefox browser.

How other People are fixing Gmail Redirecting Problem?

I have visited some forums and some People solved their Gmail Redirecting issue with the tips given below

  1. Check your system date whether your system date is correct to the actual date,month and year. Check it properly because most of them having a problem because of Date only!
  2. Disable the “Integrated Gmail” add-on in Firefox
  3. Delete Cookies and Files in your browser by closing your browser. After deleting Cookies and Files in your browser, open your browser and try to login to your Gmail account. Don’t check the “remember me on this computer” option when you login to your Gmail account.

These are the few thing how other people solved their Gmail Redirection problem. Most of them fixed their problem by correcting the System date in there computer.

If you don’t know how to set correct system date in PC here the screenshot how-to do it

date changing in xp

Changing Date and Time in PC

look at the right side of the task bar and Double click on Time after that you will get Date and Time   Property, just update it to current date.

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Gary - July 10, 2010

It’s the integrated gmail ad -on
so thanks

just disabled it, not even removed and the redirecting to Google Calendar just stopped.
I figured something changed with their ‘new calendar’ features … so thanks again


Don Pendergast - July 10, 2010

I have been having the same problems as everyone else here. I cannot stop this darn google calendar from popping up. Everytime I try to open up my gmail the calendar continuously pops up

Lori Whitty - July 12, 2010

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the helpful suggestions here! I thought I was going nuts! LOL! I deleted my cookies and disabled integrated gmail in my addons and the problem is resolved. I can read my e-mail now without it always jumping to my calendar.


hrr - July 19, 2010

I Disable the “Integrated Gmail”, yes, it works!

deleuterio - July 21, 2010

It was the Integrated Gmail, thanx a lot!

Jeff - July 23, 2010

Yes, Thank You!…This started to piss me off lol, but disabling integrated gmail fixed it.

Juan - July 28, 2010

Just wanted to confirm integrated gmail addon 2.5.5 that messed my stuff as well. thanks for the post. Also AutocompletePro cannot be deleted from addons window. I needed to go to the control panel uninstall screen. that plugin was also causing issues for me.


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