Best Way to Get Old Google Image Search-Geeky Way

In my previous post I have shown six way to Get Old Google Image Search back. In that post you may find some hard steps to implement. So, I came with new, best and easiest way to get old Google image search back. In this post I’m going to introduce a Firefox Add-on to get old Google Image search back. The add-on what I’m going to introduce is an Redirector add-on, so with the help of that add-on we are going to redirect New Google Image search to Old Google Image Search.

Steps to Get Back Old Google Image Search Layout:

  1. Install Redirector Add-on for Firefox browser
  2. After installing it, we need to add a small redirect in Redirector add-on. For that open that Add-on and click Option button Redirector addon
  3. Now click Add button which is available below of this add-on
  4. You will see new window, in that enter the detail as given below
      In Include pattern enter http*://*/images?*
      In Exclude Pattern enter http*://*/images?*sout=1*
      In Redirect to enter http$1://$2/images?$3&sout=1
      and select Wildcard option and click Ok

    Redirector addon settings

  5. Now go and search in New Google Image search, it will automatically show result in Old Google Image Search Layout.

If want manually method of getting Old Google Image search, then read our Previous post-Six Ways to use Old Google Image Search Option.


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RB - August 28, 2010

Awesome working method! Thanks a lot for sharing your find. New Image search was a pain in the A** lol.

Abraham - September 11, 2010

This is only a PARTIAL solution. When you get to your destination, it still shows the image over the page…



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