Six Ways to use Old Google Image Search Option [Updated]

Google recently redesigned it’s Old Google Image Search, with this change there are lot options changed in Google Image Search engine. If you used new Google image search engine you will notice that this new features is annoying for people and lot people are taking that new Google Images SUCKS!. If you one of those who don’t like new Google Images search option, then here is different ways to switch to old Google Image Search engine.

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There are four ways to get back to the Old Google Image Search, they are listed below

  1. Through option provided by Google Image Search Itself
  2. Adding manually “&sout=1” in URL
  3. Firefox Add-on to use/search old Google image search engine (Recommended-Not working now)
  4. Greasemonkey script to force old Google image search engine
  5. Fifth Method: (use other country Search Engine) (Fully old search option!)
  6. Sixth Method: (Use NoScript Add-on)

First Method: (Through option provided by Google Image Search Itself )

We can easily get the old Google Image search option back with new Google Image search engine itself. By default Google providing a way to switch to old image search. To enable this visit Google Image search with providing any search query. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see “Switch to basic version” option click to enable old image search in Google itself.

enable old google image search

Note: This method is just for temporary (one time) search, when you close and come back to search again in Google image search, you will get New Google image search option itself.

Second Method: (Adding manually “&sout=1” in URL)

In the second method we need to add &sout=1 in URL. That is, if you are going to search some images by the search query “P.K.ARUN” just add &sout=1 at the end of the URL to switch to old image search.

Original URL (New image search in Google)

Added “&sout=1” to the original URL (Old image search)

This is just quick and easy way to get old image search in Google. But, each and every time we manually need to add &sout=1 at the end of the URL. Thanks to lifehacker for this quick tip.

Third Method: (Firefox Add-on to use/search old Google image search engine)

This is not working now, but to make work just install the Greasemonkey script what I have shown in Forth method.

When I was searching for the tips to use old Google image search engine, I got one idea, that is for searching old Add-on to search Images in Google and I found one old add-on in Firefox add-on section which is last updated in June 19, 2009, I think this add-on will works and I tried it on my Firefox browser, Yes!, it’s worked fine. firefox addon to use old image search option in google

With “Google Images” Add-on we can search images in old Google image search engine itself. This method is one of the best and easy way to use old Google image search option. I highly recommend this method compared to any other method which I have listed here.

Forth Method: (Greasemonkey script to force old Google image search engine)

In official Google forum I found this tip. There is a Greasemonkey script to use old Google Image search engine. To use this script we need to have Firefox browser with Greasemonkey add-on, after having both install Google Image Basic script to enable old image search in Google.

After installing that script restart your browser and start searching images in new version of Google image search, it will automatically force to use old Google image search. First it displays images in new image search and slowly it takes to old image search option.

Updated on 31st July:

Fifth Method: (use other country Search Engine)

One of the Reader commented this post with a tip to “Get old Image search in Google”. According this tips just go and search other country Google Image Search to get old google image search option. For example search images in search engine, you will get fully old image search option. Thanks to our commenter Duncan.

Sixth Method: (Use NoScript Add-on)

I found this tip in Google Forum itself. Just install NoScript Add-on for Firefox browser, you will get old style search option in Google. Because, this Add-on blocks all scripts which is present on the webpage.

These are the possible method to switch or Get Old Google Image Search Engine or option what I have found. If you know any more method, you can share with us through comments.

20 thoughts on “Six Ways to use Old Google Image Search Option [Updated]”

  1. Just tried the 3rd method with the firefox extension. I’m guessing it doesn’t work anymore because it still brought me to the revamped Google Images.

    1. Yes, seems it’s not working. Do one thing, Install Greasemonkey script+this Add-on will help you to search old image easily. Thanks for bringing notice.

  2. I’m using your Greasemonkey + Add-on solution but how do I also return totally to the old system where the result was shown in a frame ?

  3. Thanks but that doesn’t help.
    I want to totally return to the old format which showed a thumbnail is separate frame over the page the image was from.

  4. 1st option only works if you can find an image with only 2 or 3 images. Otherwise, it goes to the “DIAGNOSE PROBLEM” page.

  5. Seems like none of these suggestions work any longer. I have been using &sout=1 at the end of the URL but that is no longer effective. The end goal is for me to find small thumbnail images and choose by size for use in an Anki app. Any other suggestions?

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