How to Get Affiliate Link from Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is one of most famous affiliate program available in the Net. Some bloggers making decent amount of money with Amazon affiliate program. To make money with Amazon associates what we need to do is to promote the products which is available in the Amazon website by embedding the products links in our websites with our Amazon Affiliate Id or Tracking ID or Amazon Associates ID . For newbie’s they get some trouble in getting the products from Amazon site with their affiliate Id to start promoting the affiliate products on their site. Even when I joined the Amazon affiliate program I also tried of searching for the answer to the question “how to get Amazon affiliate id?” after searching a lot I came to understand how to get the affiliate product from the Amazon site.

I’m writing this post because one of my blogger friend yesterday asked how to get affiliate link from Amazon site me on Facebook. So this post is to help him to get affiliate product from Amazon associate site. If you have any problem regarding computer or anything, you can ask me by contacting me on my site or on Facebook or on Twitter @pkarunkumar I will try to help if possible.

Ok, back to topic. There are so many ways we can embed Amazon products on our site, but today I will show some popular or general method. After using this method you will came to know some other method in later days.

Steps to Get Affiliate Link from Amazon associates:

  1. To make money with Amazon products we need to have an account with Amazon associates. If you don’t have already account with it then you can sign-up to Amazon associates here
  2. Login to your Amazon associates account. After login to your account in the left upper side you will see your Tracking ID if you not yet created then look below to that box you will see “Get Started Now” button click it (see image in 3rd step)
  3. After clicking “Get Started Now” button you will be taken to create new Tracking ID (also called as Associates ID) which necessary for getting affiliate product from Amazon. You will now taken to introduction page about their affiliate system if you want you can read and click Continue button for some times, at last you will see Join now for Free! button click to get your Amazon Tracking ID/Associates IDamazon tracking id
  4. Fill that Signup form and send the application to Amazon team. They will approve all application to their affiliate system within 24hrs in most of the time.
  5. Ok, now we got our Amazon Associates ID/Tracking ID now it’s time to choose affiliate products links from Amazon site
  6. First choose your Amazon Tracking ID (if you have many) then click Links & Banners option which is available near to header section see the imagegetting affiliate link from amazon associate
  7. In Product Links heading click Add Product Links now
  8. Now we need to choose appropriate product to display on our website. For example I need to add Kaspersky software on one of my post so in search option choose Software Category and in the empty box enter the product (Kaspersky) and click Go!
    choosing affiliate link from amazon

    choosing affiliate link from amazon

  9. You will get affiliate product related to Kaspersky based on the performance (best selling) of that product
    amazon associates affiliate link choosing

    Searching for the affiliate product on amazon associates

  10. In the Right side you will see Get Link button click to get your Amazon affiliate link
  11. We can embed different types of affiliate link in our website i.eText and Image (Enhanced Display)Image Only (Basic Display)

    Text Only (Basic Display)

    Choose the type you like to embed Amazon affiliate link in your site.

  12. Copy the html code and paste it on your site where you want to display Amazon affiliate link to earn money with Amazon affiliate product. Amazon Associates ID

Hope this post helps in getting affiliate link from Amazon website or Amazon associate site.

See Example of Amazon Product with my affiliate link:

Text and Image (Enhanced Display)

Image Only (Basic Display)

Text Only (Basic Display) Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 3-User

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odinaka - February 8, 2011

thanks man… you have really helped me with this

asti - March 11, 2011

Is it possible to earn money just because I sent somebody to and that person will find something and buy it?
If I am not pointing directly to any product just globally to amazon.
Thank you.

Mai Tai - September 17, 2011

Can i add custom field to Amazon affiliate Links.Example : i want add my site user id to this links.Help

    Arun - September 18, 2011

    Don’t modify anything with amazon affilate link, just put the code as they give….

Mai Tai - September 21, 2011

The amazon affiliate url: “……%26tag%3Dnavermatome-100977-22%26linkCode……” from “”.
I dont know part “navermatome-100977-22″.The number “100977″ is automatic put to affiliate tag (not limit same tracking id). How to they can put it to tag.Please help me!

    Arun - September 21, 2011

    That part must be need in every link, that is called as “associate id”. In my case it is “ashod-22” and yours is “navermatome-100977-22″ .

Biswa kalyan Das - June 22, 2015

Hey i want to add a new tracking id apart from my associate id in amazon affiliate link. Is it possible


I want to add the sub-id as a param. How and where can I track this in my earning report

    ARUN KUMAR - June 22, 2015

    I don’t think amazon allows Sub-id tracking.

    gopal - August 11, 2015

    Dear you can, Go to in tracking code panel. Click for new tracking code, but always remember the last alphabet remain same, and your tracking name have little bit change.


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