Free online calculator can do better than offline calculator

If you search online you may find so many online calculator, how many of them satisfies you? So, here I found one nice website or online calculator webapps that can help you in calculating in any type of problems. Any type of problems means most of the problem which we used to solve in our offline calculators.

web 2.0 calculator:

I have seen most of online calculator, but I think this is the most efficient calculator that can helps you in calculating most of math problems. Now you don’t need to download any software for calculation purpose, Just bookmark the and whenever you need to use calculator just visit that ( website. It helps in solving most advanced math problems.

online calculator

Screenshot of web 2.0 calculator

See the screenshot of online calculator what I’m discussing here. web 2.0 calculator is having a nice user interface, so you enjoy staying in web 2.0 calculator website or working in web 2.0 calculator.

Web 2.0 calculator is easier to use, because you can input in keyboard and you don’t need to use mouse to click on the number pad what you have seen there.

If you feel some difficulty in using the web 2.0 online calculator, then see the example which is provided in the same page itself (scroll the page below). Just copy the below examples in the input box and press enter you will get the result immediately, after doing so you input your different Math question there and click enter you will get the result. The headline of the examples shown in the page is having a hyperlink so you can click on the topic to get more examples and how to use help.

web 2.0 calculator functions:

If I started saying about the web 2.0 calculator functions, then I need to write again 250+ words! but, I’m going to least few major or important math functions which can able to solve by web 2.0 calculator. The link which are given below opens in new window and it contains helps regarding particular math function.

  1. Standard functions:
  2. Trigonometry:
  3. Complex numbers:
  4. Square root:
  5. Sinus:
  6. Exponential function:
  7. Cosinus:
  8. Logarithm:
  9. Tangens:
  10. Real part:
  11. Imaginary part:
  12. Modulo:
  13. Units:
  14. Binomial coefficient:

Ok, that’s enough. Go visit the official web 2.0 calculator website and know the full functions of it. I just taken few of the main functions which can solve by web 2.0 calculator. Web 2.0 calculator is a combination of many parts of math subject because it can do factorial, trigonometry, algebra,Graphs and more other math calculation parts can be easily solved with the help of   free online web 2.0 calculator.

Visit: Web 2.0 calculator

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Siddharth - July 5, 2010

Hey its really awesome.. Am sharing on my twitter 🙂

    P.K.ARUN - July 6, 2010

    Thanks for sharing dude.

RIYAZ SHARIFF - August 7, 2010

Its marvellous…also very advanced with useful features..!!


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