How Flipkart Grocery Delivery Boys are Cheating Customers

If you order groceries from Flipkart, you should read this article before taking any product delivery from Flipkart grocery delivery boys. This was not happening earlier, but these days it happened every time I order groceries from Flipkart.

Initially, Flipkart delivery boys delivering groceries in front of our door, but nowadays, they are delivering groceries outside our gate itself. I guess this is due to COVID.

Lookslike flipkart grocery delivery guys are taking advantages of this new changes.

How Flipkart Grocery Delivery Boys Cheating?

Due COVID, they now need to deliver your grocery order outside your house.

What these delivery boys are doing is they ask you to bring a bag and tell them to wait for some time to search your boxes (Your grocery product comes in sealed boxes).

If your order contains more products like 20+ products, then they try to find the box which contains only 1 or 2 products by opening one side of the tag in the box, and they intentionally keep that box inside the delivery vehicle itself.

While delivering your grocery product, both driver and delivery boys will be in a hurry to finish your delivery. Therefore, they don’t count your product at the grocery delivery time, and they don’t give the Flipkart grocery order bill also intentionally.

They put all the products in your bag and move quickly from your place.

If you try to count several products after they handover product to you, and by the time you notice 1 product is missing and you will try to recount again and again to check you counted correctly or not by comparing against the bill (Flipkart website you will get order details if you don’t have a bill). Flipkart grocery delivery boys are gone from your place.

Now you try to call the delivery boys asking about missing products. They will respond by saying, sir, if any box is left out, we will call you later.

That’s all the reply you get from them.

They don’t call you back and you won’t get your product once they leave your home.

If you think flipkart might missed your product. No they don’t. This the new trick delivery boys playing with customer.

This happned me thrice.

First-time delivery boys didn’t give me a bill even after asking them, and I also didn’t bother to count the number of products at the delivery time. So I believe here also I could have missed few products.

The second time they gave the bill after asking, and due to many products, we didn’t properly count the number of products we received. So again, while checking inside the home, we noticed we didn’t receive 1 Packet, that is., “Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta” worth ₹297.

Fortuantely after complaining flipkart refunded that amount.

The third time delivery boys came, they again started playing the same game. This we are alert, and we know how this scam is working. We knowingly waited for them to finish their delivery process and asked them the count the number of products while delivering the product to us.

They started counting when we fourced them to count.

After finishing delivery, we asked them the bill and they gave.

Again this time also one product is missing. We showed them the bill, and they know the number of products they delivered. When we ask them why 1 product is missing, they started telling us we got this much only.

Then we softly asked them to check once if they missed any product/boxes. Delivery boys told no sir, we got only 4 Boxes like that they said. So when asked to show the number of boxes supposed to be delivered, it shows 5 boxes (this information is only available with delivery boys. You should ask them to show their mobile at the time of delivery if you notice any missing product).

When we started questioning like it shows 5 boxes, then why did you deliver only 4 boxes? The delivery boy couldn’t respond. The driver immediately came and collected his mobile, and now he started behaving like helping the delivery boy to how to search boxes and count.

When we started questioning they immediately found the leftover delivery box and got the missing product as well.

This is how the grocery delivery boys are cheating while delivering products to customers. If customers don’t count or don’t check products during the delivery time, they don’t notice the missing products. I’m sure many of them not even aware of this cheating yet.

How to Avoid Getting Cheated by Flipkart Grocery Delivery Boys?

1) Make sure delivery boys open tag of the boxes in front of your eyes.

2) When the delivery vehicle came, try to watch what they are doing inside the vehicle. Usually, here they try to check what’s inside your box if you are not watching them

3) Ask them to count a number of products while they hand over the product to you

4) Ask them about the bill. They have to give bill

5) If you notice the count is not matching ask them to show their mobile where the number of boxes to deliver is mentioned

6) Cross check how many boxes they are supposed to deliver. Ask them if the box count is not matching.

What to Do if You Notice a Missing Product Later?

1) Try to contact delivery boys first and tell them about the missing item. If they gave back your missing item, then your problem is solved. I recommend to you notice this to the Flipkart team.

2) Usually, they don’t give the missing item. So complain to Flipkart and ask for a refund. If you are a trusted buyer, you might get a refund. In our case, we got our refund.

flipkart grocery delivery boys cheating refund claim


Don’t think Flipkart is cheating. It’s not Flipkart, it’s delivery boys. Make sure to double-check while taking grocery delivery from Flipkart. I highly recommend users to shop on Amazon for groceries to save more money than the offline shops.

Have you ever got cheated by Flipkart grocery delivery boys? If so, share your experience in the below comment section.

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  1. No sir we don’t do this for cheating purpose.
    If the number of boxes are more than 3 we try to put things in 2 box so it becomes easy to carry boxes. And you can tally the products in case of doubt.

  2. Most of the grocery items may missing.
    No one is responding properly.
    Where I get this refund or where I can get this issue ressolved

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