Cannot get Google Drive Offline Access Feature to Work? Here is a Solution

Google recently launched Google drive offline access feature. If you tried that, then you may notice that it is not correctly working. If you cannot be able be to access Google drive offline access feature after enabling that, then follow this article.

After that announcement I tired to play with that new feature. It worked sometime and it didn’t worked other times. After trying lot of tries, I found out why it cannot works sometimes.

Before going to the solution, let me tell you how this feature is going to work. Once you activate this Google drive offline access feature, all your Google drive content will downloaded/synced to your system. After completing download all those content to our system then only we can able to use that offline access feature.

If you turn off your internet connection before downloading or syncing all your Google drive data with your PC,  then how could it offer offline access?

Most user think that once you got success message they can be able to access offline. No, that’s not true. Google still working background to downloading your Google drive data to your PC.

google drive offline access success message

After that message when you turned off internet connection and if you try to access Google dive offline feature by going, then you will get a message saying..

Google Drive
The app is currently unreachable.

Google Drive The app is currently unreachable.

How to Fix Google Drive app is Currently Unreachable or Cannot able to Access Google drive offline feature?

To fix this problem all we have to do is, allow Google drive to download complete data to your computer. To allow that, once you enable Google drive offline access don’t close Google drive account tab. Leave that tab opened for few minutes to few hours to sync data to your pc.

The time completely depends on number files you have on your Google drive account and internet connection speed. For example: For me, I have only two files on my account but I left 20-3o min to sync data. After that I disabled the internet connection and when I tried to access offline, it worked!

So if have large amount of data or files on your account then leave that tab opened for few minutes to few hours. This should fix your Google drive offline access problem.

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irena - November 21, 2014

I followed all the steps, but still get the same “unreachable” status. Uninstalled, installed it back, synced (status says synced), have Google Drive folder on my desktop, tried everything possible I could find online! Nothing worked. Any other suggestions?

    Cat - February 20, 2015

    Thanks for your article but I haven’t been able to get it to work, same as the other poster. The Google Drive icon says “sync complete” but as soon as I disconnect from the network I get the “app unreachable” error just the same.


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