Fix Google Chrome Redirecting to dictionary.html or blank.html

If you are facing some problem with Google Chrome browser like, when you try to search something in chrome it will redirect to other page like dictionary.html or blank.html instead of displaying result page, then here is fix for it.

Google Chrome Redirection Fix:

Seems like lot of users facing this issue with their chrome browser. I still remember, once when I was using chrome browser, it redirects me to blank.html. I didn’t take it so seriously and started using firefox browser for time being. After sometime when I tried I didn’t find any such problem.

But when I was searching today on chrome browser, once again it redirects me to the dictionary.html. But this time I didn’t left simply like that. I did some research and found solution to fix chrome redirection problem to dictionary.html. I think the solution will helps those users who are facing chrome redirection to blank.html or any other similar redirection in chrome browser.

How to Fix Chrome Redirection to dictionary.html:

The solution to chrome redirection is very simple. The only thing you need to do is check your searching engine settings on chrome browser. To check, just follow given steps below

1. Click on the Settings icon which is available at right side of the browser. In that settings once again choose “Settings” option


enter the below address in chrome address bar and press enter to open settings page


2. Now you will be in the settings page. In this page you will see “Search” option. In that search option click on “Manage search engines…” button

google chrome redirection


3. Now you are in the problem area where we need to fix chrome redirection problem. In this place you can see lot of search engines but only one search engine will comes with (Default) word.

For example: Google (Default)

4. In default search engine, you will see the URL value something inappropriate (check below image)

In my case the URL value is:



chrome search setting


5. To fix the error change the inappropriate URL (3rd column) to the value provided below, and click ok


chrome redirecting problem

Tip: You cannot edit the value of the URL or any other value until the search engine is Default. To edit the value make any other search engine as default and edit the value. After editing change the default search engine back.

6. Now click OK and start searching…Now you can use chrome without any redirection problem.

Video Guide:

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