Now You Can Easily Track Noisy Tabs with Chrome Browser

How many times you have encountered web pages which automatically plays video, songs or uses your web cam without your knowledge? and how much you struggled to find out those tabs? I personally faced many times a week finding such noisy tabs in my browser. From now onwards you don’t need to struggle to find such tabs. Because, Google chrome browser bringing a new update where you can easily identify tabs which are playing songs, videos or using webcam.

Finally, we got relief from one of the most annoying thing on the web. Specially if you are a pro user and open multiple tabs in your browser, then this feature is going to be much more useful for you. Because in those cases only we cannot easily find out such noisy tabs.

Finding Noisy Tabs in Chrome Browser:

Currently this tracking noisy tab feature is available in chrome latest beta version. If you are interested to try this feature, then you can download latest beta version of chrome browser. If you are looking for latest standalone version of chrome beta version, then you can download it from here.

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I personally don’t recommend to try now itself, because it may mess up your browser. Which personally happened to me after installing beta version of chrome browser. If you are really exited about this feature, then you can try now itself.

To find a tab which is playing Audio file on your browser, just look at the tab which is having speaker icon at right side of the tab. After finding tab playing audio file, you can take appropriate action like-stopping or closing tab.

find tab playing audio

Tab playing audio file

To find tabs which casting to your TV, look at the tab having Blue rectangle box at right side of the tab.

find tab Casting to your TV

Tab Casting to your TV

To find out the tab which is using your webcam, then look for circular red icon at right side of the tab.

find tab using webcam

Tab which is using your webcam


There are many other features also coming, but these changes are one of the prominent change you can look for in next stable version of chrome browser.

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