Automatically Find Out Lyrics of the Song when it is Played

Music lover? oh.. sometimes you need to ‘find out lyrics‘ of a song, what you do on that time? Are you searching Internet to find out lyrics? No, don’t do that job again because there is an excellent way to find out lyrics of songs easily without doing anything. The only task you need to do is just start listening song in Windows Media Player or Winamp which you need to find out lyrics, then you will automatically get song lyrics.

Lyrics Plugin:

Now you don’t need to search lyrics in lyrics search engine because Lyrics Plugin can do this task for you. Just install Lyrics Plugin to your Windows Media Player or Winamp audio player and start listening to songs which you need to find out lyrics, Lyrics Plugin will automatically search for the lyrics of that song and displays in your audio player. This is small Plugin which can do very helpful task for you.

Installation and Activating Lyrics Plugin:

This tutorial is for Windows Media Player and not for Winamp player.

  1. First Download Windows Media Player Lyrics Plugin
  2. Install as you install other software
  3. Now we need to activate that Plugin in Windows Media Player, to do so navigate to Tools >> Plug-ins >> Lyrics Plugin. Don’t forget to check Lyrics PluginActivating Lyrics plugins in windows media player
  4. After activating Lyrics Plugin, open any song in Windows Media Player you will see the Lyrics of that song.
Windows Media Player Displaying Song Lyrics

Windows Media Player Displaying Song Lyrics

Note: Internet connect must be active to get/find Lyrics of that song.


  • Easy to use
  • Small Plugin
  • Automatically Searches for the Lyrics on Internet
  • If Lyrics not found, you can add manually add
  • More over it’s Free!


  • All songs don’t get Lyrics
  • Need Windows Media Player or Winamp player to work
  • Internet connection must be active to work Lyrics Plugin.

OS: All (Need Windows Media Player or Winamp player)

Ashout Rating: 4/5

Cost: Free

Download: Lyrics Plugin

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hardik - July 13, 2011

this plugin will not give proper lyric….

Ayush Gupta - October 11, 2012

I have installed lyrics plungin on my PC(windows 7)but there is nothing as check Lyrics plungin.Please give the reqiured solution ASAP.


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