Quick and Easy Way to Shut down Your Windows PC

We usually Click Windows >> Power >> Shut down to shut down our Windows PC. That means we need to click 3 Clicks, which takes a few seconds to do.

What if you could shut down much faster?

To do that, follow the below instruction:

1) Right click on Empty Desktop >> New >> Shortcut

creating shortcut

2) In the box type shutdown -s -t 0 >> click Next >> Give a name like Shutdown >> and click Finish

shutdown shortcut command

That’s it.

It looks boring…

As the Shortcut icon looks boring, I recommend you change that icon by using the below instructions.

Select the Shutdown shortcut icon that you just created >> Right-click and choose Properties

changing icon for shortcut

Click on Shortcut Tab >> at the bottom of the screen, click on the “Change Icon…” option >> Choose any of the icons of that list and click OK >> OK.

change icons for shortcut
selecting icons for shortcut

Now you changed the icon as well.

Double-click on that shutdown shortcut if you need to shut down your PC. It immediately shutdown your PC.

shutdown shortcut icon on desktop

By this method, you could also have fun with your friends 😉.

Imagine changing the icon to some Browser icon. Anytime your friends planning to open the browser, they shut down their PC.

Shutdown PC Shortcut Key

Another way is to press Windows Key + X, then Press U Twice. 

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