Don’t Download Defense Center Anti-Virus or Unknown Antivirus [Virus]

Are you one of the crazy people who are always need to try new things on the system? Here, you need to know something before you can do that. You may already know about these days Fake Antivirus are spreading around the Internet. Now for the Fake Anti-virus list there is a new entry called “Defense Center” Anti-virus entered to that list. Panda Security first detected it on June 29, 2010 and now they are announcing DefenseCenter Anti-Virus has a Fake Anti-virus.

This Defense Center Antivirus spreading through Pop-up ads and banner ads which you can see on various website while browsing.

Effects of Installing Defense Center Fake Anti-Virus:

As per the official announcement of Panda Security, Defense Center doesn’t cause much damage to the system but the main aim of the fake antivirus is to sell the License Key of their product Defense Center by saying your system is having virus. The alerts which is displayed by Defense Centre Fake Anti-virus are all fake and even without having any virus in your system this Defense Centre Anti-Virus displays your system contains some Virus. See the below images how it is showing fake virus alert

Defense Center Anti-virus

Fake Anti-virus scanning!

Adware Defense Center fake virus alert

Fake virus detected by Fake Antivirus

To remove those virus (fake) detected by antivirus, you will be prompted to buy License Key to Remove it. When you click on the the Purchase License option it will take into there website which is having SSL certificate to gain users confidence.


Apart from this, there are some minor effects also causes to your system after installing Defense Center Fake Antivirus in your system. Some of them are It disables your task manager, tries to disable original Antivirus which you have installed on your system, showing fake pop-up warning messages that your system is infected with virus and forcing to purchase License Key.

Adware-DefenseCenter advertising pop-ups

Pop-up ads shown by Defense Center

So, if you already downloaded Defense Center anti-virus then you need to remove it now. If not yet, please be aware of this kind of fake antivirus. Never install unknown Anti-virus. Always use trusted anti-virus in your system, I recommend Kaspersky Internet Security Antivirus.


Fake Virus alert by DefenseCenter Fake Anti-virus

Forcing users to Purchase License

At startup of Defense Center Anti-virus

At startup of Defense Center Anti-virus

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Satyajit - July 15, 2010

thnks for sharing…..we shud use AV after reading its review…..i hav Avira premium and its really gud… 🙂

TechGopal - July 16, 2010

yaa one year ago automatically such anti virus software get installed on laptop .
thanxx for g8 info….

LIVING IT - July 20, 2010

do i use the spyhunter?

    Arun - July 20, 2010

    For what purpose? If it is for protecting your computer then use Malwarebytes or superantispyware. Both software are available in free and premium versions.


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