Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta 2 Available Now! [Full Installer]

In our previous post we blogged about Windows Live Essential wave 4 beta offline installer now today Microsoft announced its new beta 2 version for Windows Live Essential 2011 beta. As you may Know about Microsoft provide only online installer to install, but this time we have collected a Full or Offline installer to Windows Live Essential 2011 beta 2 or Refresh version. Here is a few feature which they have added in latest version of windows essential beta 2 and Full download link.

Windows Live Essentials beta

  • A quicker Messenger – The time it takes to sign in, and to refresh contacts and social feeds, as well as animation speed, are all faster than in previous versions of Messenger.
  • More efficient video chat – Messenger video chat uses 30% fewer CPU resources by offloading work to the GPU.
  • Better facial recognition – Photo Gallery facial recognition is improved significantly and works more quickly.
  • Larger movie uploads – Movie Maker will upload higher resolution movies to SkyDrive (480×640 vs. the previous 320×480).
  • Higher bit-rate movies – Movie Maker now supports higher quality (bit-rate) content.
  • Better spell-checking – Writer has significantly improved the quality of its spell-checking.
  • Better integration with Office – Writer is much better at retaining all formatting when you copy and paste from Word and other Microsoft Office programs.
  • Better handling of Gmail – Mail now automatically handles Gmail’s spam and trash folders properly.
  • Faster web filtering – Family Safety web filtering is 35% faster than in the previous version.

Here are Complete or Offline Installer of new Windows Live Essentials beta refresh version.

Download: Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta Refresh (English Full Installer)

Thanks to liveside for providing offline/full installer links.

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Anish K.S @ Technics - August 18, 2010

Thanks Arun for the info. i never try this. i just removed all the live essential items. it hanged system.


hai how are you?

    Arun - July 17, 2011

    I’m fine..


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