How to Delete Photo Albums from iPhone using iTunes

Not able to delete photo albums from iPhone? here is a step by step guide to delete your photo’s that you have manually added to your iPhone. iPhone doesn’t offer an option to delete photo albums in iPhone, but we can delete it using iTunes.


Knowingly or unknowingly you might have synchronized your photo’s on your computer to iPhone. But when you try to delete it on iPhone, you might have worried a bit seeing no option to delete album or to delete photo’s individually. Even if you connect your iPhone to computer, you cannot access those albums or Photo’s because that Photo’s are not taken with your iPhone.


delete photo albums from iphone

Steps to Delete Photo Albums from iPhone using iTunes:

1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes

2. Now in iTunes select the device you need to delete those Photo’s

3. Select “Photos” tab

deleting photo albums from iphone using itunes


4. Now you will see one window with folder named “iPod Photo Cache”. Copy the address of this location

in my case “E:\COLLEGE PHOTOS\near art of living


iphone delete photo album


5. Open “Run Prompt” by clicking Win Key+R on keyword. Paste that copied address here and click OK

6. Now you will see some photo’s with iPod Photo Cache folder. Just delete Photo’s leaving that folder

7. Now go to your iTunes and Click Sync which appears on the bottom of the iTunes.

That’s it! now you have successfully deleted your Photo’s album on your iPhone.

Video Guide:

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EllioHu - October 4, 2013

no, this does not work for me. it seems that I don’t understand step 5 clearly, my address is
iPhone folders\Ellio Hu\PhotoData\Caches, when i paste this to the run window, it tell me that can;t find iphone. any suggestion? thanks.


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