Delete History Stored in All Browsers,Clipboard and Windows in Just One Click

When we use computer and internet, our PC automatically stores our activities. Regular computer user may find inconvenient to get through with the harmful junks and traces that get accumulated after using the computer or internet . Clearing history, traces on PC may take long time based on the number of application you are using.  Removing traces on each and every application is really tedious process.

Here is a new software to clear/delete all your history of  all Browsers,  Windows temporary files, Clipboard, Recent Documents list, Recycle Bin and much more in one shot.

You need to download Delete History  software  to do so.

After downloading and installing  Delete History, here the steps to work with this software.

Tip:    Lock executable (exe) file with password

1. Open the Delete History application.

2. Now select the check box of “Select all” and click on Scan button as shown below.

Delete History main page

3. Now you will find all the history of data listed on the right side of the application as shown below.

History List

4. Click on the “Delete Now” button, to delete all the history from the your computer.

In certain cases if you want to maintain some files and folders undeleted, in such scenario Delete history software has a special and advanced usage called “Exclude List“. In Exclude list we can prevent the file to be deleted from the history by just clicking on “Exclude List” button. By clicking this it will show you   a new window as mentioned below.

Exclude list

By selecting the Specified path we can avoid our files to be deleted from the history.

Note :- “Delete History” software also includes a option of “Change Set”   to select the new Application Set file .This   Application Set will be changed and you will see a new application set on your left panel. One may think from where can we get the New Application set file , We need to   search for third party application set files .

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