How to Disable Auto Opening After Completing Download on Google Chrome Browser

Downloaded image auto opening? That’s what I noticed recently. It was not happening earlier, but recently when I started downloading any images on Google Chrome browser that image started auto opening on windows image viewer application (Photos). If you are also facing the same issue, then here is the solution.

Initially, I thought it was due to some windows update because few days before my PC upgraded my operating system, so I thought during the recent update this changes came like that I thought. But after searching for a solution, I noticed it’s not due to Windows OS, but it’s due to chrome browser.

I guess in recent Google Chrome update (I’m not sure about it) they implemented this feature, and I noticed, it’s not only for images auto opening it also same for other types of files as well. I’m not sure what are all the type of files they are auto opening after completing downloads.

Anyway, if you are like me who don’t like auto opening downloaded file, then here is a tutorial to disable auto opening files on google chrome.

How to Disable Auto Opening After Completing Download on Google Chrome Browser:

1) Open your chrome browser

2) Click on Google Chrome Menu Icon by clicking on 3 Vertical Dots and choose Settings option

google chrome settings option
3) Scroll down to the end and click on “Advanced” option

google chrome advanced option


4) Scroll down till you find “Downloads” option

5) You will see option showing “Open certain file types automatically after downloading” and “Clear” option next to it

Open certain file types automatically after downloading

6) Click on “Clear” option to stop auto opening images or certain file types automatically after completing downloads

That’s it. From onwards if you download anything on Google Chrome browser, it won’t auto open.

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