How to Check/Uncheck Multiple Check boxes in Single Click on any Web Page

Don’t have Select All option in webpage to check the check boxes? Then here is a way to auto check or mass check the check box which doesn’t have Select All button/option in that web page. If you are using twitter related web apps, than you may notice that all twitter mass follow and mass unfollow web apps have disabled the Select All option in their site it’s because of Twitter new Terms and Condition doesn’t allow to mass check the check box by single click. So all Twitter web apps disabled one click check all option. If you are suffering from this type of issues, then here is the solution for it called Checkfox addon for Firefox browser.

In the above, I just showed an instance where we can use Checkfox addon to mass check the check box. It is not only limited to twitter related to web apps, we can use Checkfox addon any where on the web page which doesn’t have Select All option for Check boxes.

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Why you Need Checkfox Add-on?

If you are a frequent user of twitter mass follow/unfollow or any other web apps which you need to select the check box one by one instead of having a single check box to select all check boxes then on that time Checkfox addon is very useful and it save lot of time.

Using CheckFox Add-on:

You may get confused when you start using Checkfox addon for the first time. If you don’t know how to use checkfox addon then follow these steps

  1. Install Checkfox Add-on for Firefox
  2. After installing Checkfox add-on visit any website which doesn’t have Select All option for the check box. For example visit: and connect your twitter account.
  3. After connecting your twitter account with Manage Flitter it shows list of people who don’t follow back you on twitter. And on the Right side you will see the check boxes to select the users. Instead of selecting one by one just select the text which contain the check boxes or simply press Ctrl+A in Keyboard and Left click on that page.
  4. When you left click on the webpage you will see the “Check” option just select it to check all the check boxes of the selected text. That’s it.

Using Checkfox addon to check multiple=

Video Guide to How to use CheckFox Add-on:

Now onwards you can easily check the multiple check boxes in a single click.

Download: CheckFox Add-on

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