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YouTube Upload Error-The Upload Failed due to an Unknown Error [Fix]

Yesterday when I tried to upload the video to YouTube I got an error called “The upload failed due to an unknown error” this error doesn’t say what is wrong with my video it just saying some error occurred on uploading. I tried many times to upload video to YouTube with different browsers also but the result is same YouTube upload error. I searched it on Google to find solution to YouTube upload unknown error but no one is providing proper answer to it. Here is the solution to YouTube upload failed problem which I discovered.
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Twitter on YouTube, they will teach you how to use twitter

If you’re new to twitter, then here is a good news for you because twitter in now active on YouTube to

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

teach how to use and you can also know about the basic of twitter by watching   these videos on official twitter account on YouTube. They are silently adding videos to their YouTube account without any official announcement on their blog.

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