wordpress problems

WP-Cron Not Working? Here the Fix

I had an issue with WP-Cron, it stopped worked for few days. I didn’t notice when it actually stopped. If I know that, then it would be easy to fix that problem. Here my story what are all the problems that I have faced because of wp-cron and how I fixed it.

How to Fix Wired Characters Problem in WordPress After Changing Server

Recently I changed my hosting provider, and after switching my hosting account I started seeing wired characters on my wordpress blog. This problem is causing because we have some issue with Database Character Sets in wordpress. If you are facing similar issue, then here is solution for you.

Error in Windows Live Writer

Yesterday when I tried to add my new site to windows live write I got error message saying You need to customize the blog API URL before proceeding. The following values were not customized: <hostname> <wp_path> please change these values to whatever is appropriate for your blog server.  

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