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No Copy Paste-Now Only Select and Click,That’s it! It Will be in Your Mail Box

How many of you browse Internet daily? If you are a browser like me (all time online) then I’m sure you don’t have lot of patience to copy some important text, web address when you are browsing, right? OK, here a new concept what I’m going to call it has “No Copy Paste-Select it and Click it, Check Your Mail Box” oh, not getting what I’m saying? Read on..

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Searching For Manuals? Try “The Manual” To Search Manuals

Recently in my previous post I have told you about PDF search engine to search pdf files, now in this post you will came to know how we can easily search Manuals with the help of “THE MANUAL” search engine. If you bought some new products then you defiantly need manuals to know how to use that product. Most of the time manuals comes with product itself, sometime manual may not comes. On that time we need to search manuals online itself.
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Top Free Web Instant Messengers to Chat Online

Sometimes we may need to chat with friends for just few minutes, think you don’t have that Instant Messenger (IM) what you are going to do? Are you ready to download that Instant messenger software? In such position it is better to have web-based Web Instant Messenger or we can also call it has Online Instant Messenger. So today I’m going to share some most popular Web Instant Messengers, some of these web instant messenger having even multiple IM messenger option.
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