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This AI Website can help you

These days everyone is talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence). You might have noticed this in your Social media profile. 

Today I’m going to introduce one such AI website called OpenAI.

Don’t underestimate what it can do before you even try it. 

I did that initially, but after seeing so many of them start talking about that site, I thought to give it a try.

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Save Notes on Online Notepad and Access it Anywhere-13 Website List

We all use Notepad in our daily life to save some information on your PC. If you want that information on outside your house than what you do? Are you carrying it with Pen-drive or CD/DVD huh? If so, you can stop those practice today itself, because we have collected 13 Website/web apps which provide “Online Notepad” service for free. You can access that notepad anywhere  (Internet connection needed) without carrying anything.

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4 Ways to Send Files Without Uploading to Server-Send Files Directly

Sometimes we may need to send the files to our friends without being uploading the files to server. Because that files may contains some important details or you don’t want to share that file information with anyone. Of course, we can compress and password protect the file and send to another user but you don’t want to take risk on it. We can simple upload our files to file sharing sites and we can share that, but those files are accessible to file sharing company and you don’t want to share those important files with anyone except the receiver.

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