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A Video Spreading Dangerous Virus in Facebook-Be Alert

Are you using facebook? here is alert for you, today panda security posted about this virus which is spreading in facebook through a Video. You may also get this video, before that see this post to protect yourself from it. The virus name is called Monder.BL a Trojan family virus which steals the information from the affected computer and send it to the creator of the virus without knowing the owner of the PC. This virus is first detected on July 17, 2010 and today they have posted clear information about that virus. Continue reading

Don’t Download Defense Center Anti-Virus or Unknown Antivirus [Virus]

Are you one of the crazy people who are always need to try new things on the system? Here, you need to know something before you can do that. You may already know about these days Fake Antivirus are spreading around the Internet. Now for the Fake Anti-virus list there is a new entry called “Defense Center” Anti-virus entered to that list. Panda Security first detected it on June 29, 2010 and now they are announcing DefenseCenter Anti-Virus has a Fake Anti-virus.

This Defense Center Antivirus spreading through Pop-up ads and banner ads which you can see on various website while browsing.
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