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Need Free and Excellent Software for File Splitter and Joiner?

If you have used Free online web server to upload files, then you will defiantly see upload size restriction or If you try to send large attachment in emails then you get a message saying Large File size cannot be supported. What you do on that time? the only way is by using file splitter and joiner software to split and join those files. We get so many file splitter software if we search on Google, it maybe Freeware or Premium software.
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2 Free Desktop Language Translator Software to Translate Text

No doubt online Google translator works well and it is one of the best way to translate text from one language to another language. Some people don’t like to visit websites to translate text or it is time-consuming process if we visit website to translate few words, so it is good to have a desktop language translator to translate it. Here are the two best and free desktop language translator to translate text.
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Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta 2 Available Now! [Full Installer]

Windows Live Essentials beta

In our previous post we blogged about Windows Live Essential wave 4 beta offline installer now today Microsoft announced its new beta 2 version for Windows Live Essential 2011 beta. As you may Know about Microsoft provide only online installer to install, but this time we have collected a Full or Offline installer to Windows Live Essential 2011 beta 2 or Refresh version. Here is a few feature which they have added in latest version of windows essential beta 2 and Full download link.

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Comodo Released Comodo Programs Manager [New]

Comodo, one of the famous security company recently released a new program called “Comodo Programs Manager” which aims to help you to manage programs/software which you have installed on your computer. It is works similar to our default program manager which is available in windows itself but, with the comodo Programs Manager it is easier to user and manger programs compared to our default option.
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