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ChromeIPass Allows you to Integrate KeePass with Chrome Browser

KeePass user? if you use KeePass software to store username and password for your online account, then here is a Google Chrome browser extension called ChromeIPass to integrate with KeePass application. Once you integrate your KeePass with Chrome, you will be able to fill login details automatically on your chrome browser.

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Best Tools to Take Scrolling Window Screenshots

Sometimes we need to take screen shots of our active window. Taking screenshots of a visible area is easy, there are plenty of tools supports capturing such area. But when it comes to capturing scrolling windows screenshots, there are only few tools which works perfectly. In this post I’m going to introduce software or tools which supports capturing scrolling windows screenshots.

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How to Rotate Video Clip and Save it

Recently I shot a video on my iPhone 4s. But when I played that video on my desktop, the video is not appearing correctly. The video is rotated to 90 degrees so I cannot play the video in a proper way. If I want to view that video in a proper way, then I need to rotate that video to 90 degrees. After searching hours together on net I found only few working method to rotate videos easily.

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