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Start Browsing Internet on Aircel for just Rs 5 [PocketInternet]

Aircel telecom now offering cheap Internet plan for Aircel customers with a plan called “Pocket Internet“.   With PocketInternet card we can start browsing any website by just investing Rs 5 for two days. This PocketInternet plan helps if you’re not a heavy Internet user or Just want to use Internet on go. You can get one more day for free of cost by visiting your Hotmail account with this plan. Here the full details about PocketInternet offer by Aircel.

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World’s largest Google Nexus One Phone [video]

Here is a nice video of world’s largest Google Nexus One Phone!. This video already viewed by 2,39,561 when I’m writing this post. World largest nexus one phone built by Google itself, you cannot keep this phone in your pocket because it’s too big, and note that it’s not an working version, it’s just for demo purpose and it controlled by MAC mini running windows.

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Tweet without having Net connection

Twitter is one of the most popular website or service which is used by millions of people around the world. Now a day twitter is rolling out new features in twitter has I said in my previous post they starts advertising and twitter teaching on YouTube, but one thing we seriously missing is sending sms to tweet. It is better if can able to send sms to twitter and that sms is posted into tweet, but unfortunately   we don’t have this option officially from twitter and thus twitter is missing thousands of new costumers. So in this post I’m going to show you how ordinary text sms can be tweeted on twitter.

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Nokia Announced Dual SIM Handset with Affordable Price

Are you waiting for dual sim handset in Nokia? If you so, here is a great news for nokia lovers and dual sim users. Nokia announced it’s first Nokia dual sim handset at affordable price. These are built only with a intention to give dual sim facility in nokia handset.

Nokia company may enter the dual sim market at late. But, they came up with stylish and less priced nokia dual sim handset to market. I’m sure, people will love these dual sim facility in nokia handset.

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