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World’s largest Google Nexus One Phone [video]

Here is a nice video of world’s largest Google Nexus One Phone!. This video already viewed by 2,39,561 when I’m writing this post. World largest nexus one phone built by Google itself, you cannot keep this phone in your pocket because it’s too big, and note that it’s not an working version, it’s just for demo purpose and it controlled by MAC mini running windows.

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Google Images Gift Box- Google in a Box!

We all use Google in a daily life, but let’s try the new way of using Google. For searching purpose we use website in the same way someone designed a new Google box which works as Google search engine but looks very nice. This Google box is built on the basis of CSS and 3D. I don’t know how it is works, it’s really a creative design. Try once, I’m sure you will defiantly enjoy it.
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