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How to Get Affiliate Link from Amazon Associates Program

Amazon Associates is one of most famous affiliate program available in the Net. Some bloggers making decent amount of money with Amazon affiliate program. To make money with Amazon associates what we need to do is to promote the products which is available in the Amazon website by embedding the products links in our websites with our Amazon Affiliate Id or Tracking ID or Amazon Associates ID . For newbie’s they get some trouble in getting the products from Amazon site with their affiliate Id to start promoting the affiliate products on their site. Even when I joined the Amazon affiliate program I also tried of searching for the answer to the question “how to get Amazon affiliate id?” after searching a lot I came to understand how to get the affiliate product from the Amazon site.

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How to Check/Uncheck Multiple Check boxes in Single Click on any Web Page

Don’t have Select All option in webpage to check the check boxes? Then here is a way to auto check or mass check the check box which doesn’t have Select All button/option in that web page. If you are using twitter related web apps, than you may notice that all twitter mass follow and mass unfollow web apps have disabled the Select All option in their site it’s because of Twitter new Terms and Condition doesn’t allow to mass check the check box by single click. So all Twitter web apps disabled one click check all option. If you are suffering from this type of issues, then here is the solution for it called Checkfox addon for Firefox browser.

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