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Best Way to Get Old Google Image Search-Geeky Way

In my previous post I have shown six way to Get Old Google Image Search back. In that post you may find some hard steps to implement. So, I came with new, best and easiest way to get old Google image search back. In this post I’m going to introduce a Firefox Add-on to get old Google Image search back. The add-on what I’m going to introduce is an Redirector add-on, so with the help of that add-on we are going to redirect New Google Image search to Old Google Image Search.

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Find Out your First Tweet on Twitter-6 Ways to Find!

I’m a big fan of Twitter and addicted to it. If you are also like me, then your twitter profile may contain lot of tweets. Have you think or do you know what’s your first Tweet on Twitter? Mostly, your answer will be No. If you are having an eager to know about your first tweets on Twitter, then this post is for you. There are different ways to find our first Tweets on Twitter, I’m going to share all those ways in this post.

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Best Way to Read Tweets in RSS Readers-Remove Username

If you are using RSS Reader to read Tweets then you may be noticed that, In RSS readers Tweets are displayed with Twitter Username and there is no way to remove those username. It won’t looks cool to read those tweets if it contains Twitter username and it also takes some space. So it is good to remove those usernames from RSS readers. Here is a trick to remove Twitter usernames from RSS readers easily.

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Create your Own Music Online with Aviary Music Creator for Free

Sometimes we may need some different sounds or unique sounds for our projects or for our YouTube video. If you are not a professional music creator then you may need to buy music online or offline shops. If you don’t have money or simply don’t want to spend huge amount of money for music then here is free tool called “Aviary Music Creator” which can helps you to create music online. I think Aviary music creator is one of the most simple and easiest way to “create music online” that’s also for free.
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Translate Different Language Tweets on Twitter itself

Twitter is available for everyone for free of cost, so every country twitter users are joining and tweeting on twitter. Have you got other language Tweets in your Timeline? If yes, here is a tools to convert other language tweets to English language tweets on fly. All these tools are do the same task i.e converts different language tweets into English language tweets easily on twitter website.

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Six Ways to use Old Google Image Search Option [Updated]

Google recently redesigned it’s Old Google Image Search, with this change there are lot options changed in Google Image Search engine. If you used new Google image search engine you will notice that this new features is annoying for people and lot people are taking that new Google Images SUCKS!. If you one of those who don’t like new Google Images search option, then here is different ways to switch to old Google Image Search engine.

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Automatically Find Out Lyrics of the Song when it is Played

Music lover? oh.. sometimes you need to ‘find out lyrics‘ of a song, what you do on that time? Are you searching Internet to find out lyrics? No, don’t do that job again because there is an excellent way to find out lyrics of songs easily without doing anything. The only task you need to do is just start listening song in Windows Media Player or Winamp which you need to find out lyrics, then you will automatically get song lyrics. Continue reading