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Now You Can Access Google Drive Offline

Google today launched new feature for it’s Google Drive service. Now any users can access Google Drive offline; which includes Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and drawings can be accessed without an Internet connection. You can also create and edit those documents on offline as well. Here how to enable Google Drive offline access.

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Copy All your Orkut Photo Album to your Google + Profile Easily

Recently Google announced Google + service, and they are taking Google + very seriously too. I think most of the people are already signup to the google plus service and some of them maybe an active user of it.

If you are one them who use orkut,then you many have few/large number of photos or many album uploaded to your Okut account. Think you need to upload or share the same images with your Google plus site. What you will do? Do you once again upload all orkut photos to Google+ manually once again? If so, Here is simple solution to upload all orkut images to google + profile easily.

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How to get Google Music Invite?

Google today launched a new service called “Google Music” where user   can upload a music keep everything in sync so that music which you upload is available everywhere wherever internet connection is available. It is something similar to digital locker for music. If you have internet connection then you can access your music in your mobile (now supports only for Android devices) or in any PC. The music which you have recently played is available in offline that you can listen music without internet connection too. Now Google Music is in beta, it is available only those who have Google Music Beta invites. If you don’t have Google Music Invite here guide to get beta invites.

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Google soon Add Multiple Login Support Feature [New Feature]

One of the most wanted features of Google is Multiple Login to different Google account at the same time. We cannot able to login to multiple Google account at the same time now, but in coming days we can able to do that also because Google releasing a new feature to Google accounts which enable us to sign-in multiple Google account at the same time. Multiple sign-in feature already available for few people and they using right now on their Google account. But when I test in my Google account this feature is not available for me.

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