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Best Way to Get Old Google Image Search-Geeky Way

In my previous post I have shown six way to Get Old Google Image Search back. In that post you may find some hard steps to implement. So, I came with new, best and easiest way to get old Google image search back. In this post I’m going to introduce a Firefox Add-on to get old Google Image search back. The add-on what I’m going to introduce is an Redirector add-on, so with the help of that add-on we are going to redirect New Google Image search to Old Google Image Search.

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How to Check/Uncheck Multiple Check boxes in Single Click on any Web Page

Don’t have Select All option in webpage to check the check boxes? Then here is a way to auto check or mass check the check box which doesn’t have Select All button/option in that web page. If you are using twitter related web apps, than you may notice that all twitter mass follow and mass unfollow web apps have disabled the Select All option in their site it’s because of Twitter new Terms and Condition doesn’t allow to mass check the check box by single click. So all Twitter web apps disabled one click check all option. If you are suffering from this type of issues, then here is the solution for it called Checkfox addon for Firefox browser.

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IBM Welcomes Firefox Browser Now

IBM (International Business Machines) now moving to Firefox has their default browser. Bob Sutor vice president of open source and Linux at IBM, wrote a blog post yesterday titled “Saying it out loud: IBM is moving to Firefox as its default browser.”

No doubt Firefox is a worlds best browser and now extra 400,000 members are adding to Firefox users because of the announcement of IBM moving to Firefox. Don’t know why 400,000 members are adding to Firefox users? IBM is having 400,000 employees around the world and making   Firefox has their default browser helps in increasing Firefox users.

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Send email like a professionals

Planning to send a mail like a professional business men to show your professionalism in your business?. Now it’s not harder to show your professionalism to your business in mail. Each and every day we send mail to someone for business purpose or for personal purpose, still writing a signature with just a text with link to your social profile? No, now we need to upgrade to modern treads to establish in our business and branding purpose.

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