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Want to Chat With Aamir Khan? [Today Only]-Rescheduled to 10th

In our previous post we have told that Aamir Khan is available on Twitter, now once again Aamir is making sound in Facebook. If you are available on Facebook social networking site, then you can chat with Aamir Khan, a Bollywood Hero. If you are a fan of him, then it’s a right chance to Live chat with him for free!! You can chat live with Aamir Khan tonight at 11PM (Indian Time).

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A Video Spreading Dangerous Virus in Facebook-Be Alert

Are you using facebook? here is alert for you, today panda security posted about this virus which is spreading in facebook through a Video. You may also get this video, before that see this post to protect yourself from it. The virus name is called Monder.BL a Trojan family virus which steals the information from the affected computer and send it to the creator of the virus without knowing the owner of the PC. This virus is first detected on July 17, 2010 and today they have posted clear information about that virus. Continue reading

How to remove facebook friends

I’m getting a spam message from one person in facebook and I want to remove that spam user from my facebook account. I tried, but I don’t know how delete that facebook friend so started searching for the problem in Google and I found the answer for the question how to remove facebook friend. If your also trouble in removing/unfriend facebook friends, here a steps to delete facebook friends easily.

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Select all your friends in one click [Facebook hack]

Bored with selecting friends manually to send invites to pages and other? Here is a nice script that can select all your friends in facebook in one click. When I went to invite to, “ashout like box” I need to select all the friends manually to send invites. Selecting manually 150+ friends is really a boring, hard and time-consuming task. What I did is just searched to see anyone can help in selecting friends in one click, luckily I found one facebook hack or facebook trick to do that!.

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