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How To Easily Get Rid of Shortcut Arrows on Icons-Manual Method

remove arrows from shortcuts

Update: If you follow this guide, then you will miss “PIN to taskbar” feature on your O.S. I recommend you to try Easiest and Best Way to Remove Shortcut Arrow from Icons method instead.

Everyone place icons on the desktop for accessing to particular software or place to make their task easier. But when you place icons on desktop small shortcut arrows added automatically to those icons on the desktop. That small shortcut arrow looks so ugly on those beautiful icons. So have you ever tried to remove arrows from shortcuts? If yes, then you may noticed that there is no particular option to disable shortcut arrow in Windows 7 or windows vista or in windows XP. Here today in this post I will show you how remove arrows from shortcuts in all windows O.S without using any software.

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Heat, Cold, Water, Pressure and Drop-Resistant Pen-Drive!

When it comes to transferring data from one pc to anther we all use Pen-Drive to move it. But most of our USB flash drives are not strong, and we need to take care of it, otherwise we will lose all the important data stored in it. Here an amazing product form LaCie company which is recently announced a product called “LaCie XtremKey” a USB flash drive. Which is having the capability withstand in Heat, cold, water, pressure and drop-resistant, means we can handle that pen drive without care of environment.

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Don’t Download Defense Center Anti-Virus or Unknown Antivirus [Virus]

Are you one of the crazy people who are always need to try new things on the system? Here, you need to know something before you can do that. You may already know about these days Fake Antivirus are spreading around the Internet. Now for the Fake Anti-virus list there is a new entry called “Defense Center” Anti-virus entered to that list. Panda Security first detected it on June 29, 2010 and now they are announcing DefenseCenter Anti-Virus has a Fake Anti-virus.

This Defense Center Antivirus spreading through Pop-up ads and banner ads which you can see on various website while browsing.
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Dual Screen Laptop will be available soon

Yes, you heard is right. Toshiba has announced his new laptop called libretto W100, Which is having a dual screen facility in it. This libretto W100 may be a replacement for even your iPad too! seems this pc is designed for that purpose only. Libretto W100 is a mobile pc so you can take it to anywhere you want by placing it in your pocket. Here are the few feature, images and video of Libretto W100.
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Best Customer Support Provider for Laptop in India

These days people started buying Laptops more when compared it with desktop PC. It is always good to know about the laptop company which you’re going to purchase laptop. When buying laptop, people give much preference to laptop design, price tag and Quality. But what about Support? No one will take care about it and suffer in later days. Here is an Infographic about best customer support in India for servicing and anything happened after the purchase made.

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