India’s No.1 Telecommunication Company BSNL Website Got Hacked

Today BSNL website hacked by some   Pakistani hacker “KhantastiC haX0r“. BSNL, the leading Indian telecommunication company official website seems to be hacked by some Pakistani hacker. The official bsnl home page, and all other pages are opening normally and functioning also but only one page it is displaying it has been hacked.

BSNL Website Hacked??

bsnl website hacked

image which is displayed on hacked page



In BSNL home page   nothing changes you are going to see, but one page i.e., at you will see the web page which is saying it is has been hacked by Pakistani hacker.

I think hacker managed to access the bsnl server and he kept one html file in root folder. Also when you open that hacked page you will listen some beautiful music!! yes.

When I first visit (I think at 11.00PM) that hacked bsnl page, no music was added. But after some time (at 11.30PM) when I Reopen that hacked page I started listening music. It means that hacker still updating the html page.

The person image which is showing on hacked page is linked from facebook account that is at

These type of urls are provided by facebook when you uploaded any photo’s to your profile.

The music is linked from

bsnl website hacked page message

Message displayed on bsnl hacked page



The hacker gave the reason why he has hacked BSNL website by saying “Indian G**** hacked our Paki sites” (you can view full message given by the hacker by clicking on the above image).

Anyway, this is not the first attack on our government websites. What you think about this type of cyber attacks? share your opinion on comments.


Update (27/10/2011):

Seems he managed to hack few other pages, you can find those hacked page here

When we researching we noticed that, he completely hacked BSNL U.P. ( Uttar Pradesh (East)) telecom circle. You can visit any bsnl upe page it will show it has been hacked.

We tried to trace   hacker KhantastiC haX0r Profile here some of them (We guess) (not sure) (already deleted) (by techie-buzz )



During research what we noticed is he is a hacker and hacked many other Indian websites too.

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Jasir Javaz - October 27, 2011

yess… They deleted the db too

Raj @ Make Money Blogging - November 16, 2011

bsnl sucks to the core like their services…

Robin - November 21, 2011

They never care about security.. huh. pathetic.

Anonymous - January 21, 2012

huh..BSNL …Dont ask..I too have access of its main server…
Security is just an illusion..:D

Ramanuj Kumar - February 23, 2012

According to me, BSNL not cover more secure their website…


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