BenQ GW2760HS Monitor Review

Recently I bought BenQ GW2760HS Monitor. Here is my review on it. If you are thinking to buy BenQ GW2760HS 27 inch Monitor, then I think you should read this post.

I was always planning to buy a new big monitor for my Laptop so that whenever I need I can easily connect to an external monitor for better workspace. Previously I had Viewsonic 17 inch monitor. But I felt it’s not that much sufficient for my work needs so I was looking for some good 27 inch better monitor.

This time instead of buying one monitor, I was planning to have dual monitor setup. If my work demands little extra space also, then I can immediately start using another monitor instead of struggling with just one monitor. I heard a lot of time dual monitor setup increases productivity. For that reason, I planned to go for dual monitor setup this time.

I was researching online for a better monitor. This time, BenQ GW2760HS Monitor caught my attention. This is the monitor which is having very good positive rating online when I compared this with any other branded monitor of the same size. Moreover, when it comes to pricing this is the only model which is having a very cheap price with a good rating.

For many of them BenQ brand might be new to them, but for me its not. Because I already had one Benq mobile before I buy this benq monitor. I was very happy with benq mobile quality. For me, Benq brand has no difference than any other big brands.

Look Matters!

Whenever I buy any products, First I always see the product design. If the product design isn’t convincing enough, then I don’t bother to see the product itself. My first priority always goes to design. When it comes to BenQ GW2760HS Monitor, my condition satisfied. It looks sexy!


Let me describe it in words.

Can you guys see how to it looks on my computer table? Yes, it’s damn sexy!

In the image, it doesn’t look that much beauty as it appears on Live setup. It really looks so beautiful. The glass material which is used to build this monitor makes extra beautiful.

A very Thin bezel (edge) is extra added advantage for making monitor looks even more sexy… Usually, thin bezel monitor is highly recommended if you are going for Dual monitor setup.

In dual monitor setup, Having thin bezel makes the user be in sync with another monitor, or else…bigger size bezel make a too much extra distance between monitors and picture doesn’t look good when they connected extended monitor setup with dual monitor.

I’m not going to say this is one of the thinnest bezel monitor available in the market, but we need to consider all other things right? It’s not the just bezel.

If you are someone who is just looking extremely thin bezel, then you may get may other better monitor option.

For my needs, this much edge size in the monitor doesn’t make any big difference.



BenQ GW2760HS Monitor looks very clear from the front view because it doesn’t have any button on the front side. In this monitor, all operating buttons come backside of the monitor.



This is the actual Placement of buttons in BenQ GW2760HS Monitor. Don’t worry, it won’t be that much difficult to operate. Because in front of the monitor, there is a sticker by seeing that you can easily operate that.

Ports in BenQ GW2760HS Monitor

Wondering what are all the ports comes with BenQ GW2760HS monitor? Here are the details about that.

  1. LINE IN
  2. Ear Phone
  3. HDMI
  4. DVI-D
  5. D-SUB and
  6. Power Port



BenQ GW 2760 HS comes with 3 display port so you can always have 3 option to connect your device. In my setup, I use HDMI and D-SUB ports to connect my laptop and desktop at once.


Things which comes with  BenQ GW2760HS Monitor:

  1. Benq LCD Monitor
  2. Monitor Base
  3. Monitor Stand
  4. CD-ROM Disc (manual & some drivers)
  5. Quick Start Guide
  6. Power Cord
  7. D-Sub Cable
  8. HDMI Cable and
  9. Warranty Card




As you can see, in the printed quick start guide they mentioned HDMI cable is an optional one. I thought it is not coming with the box so I order new HDMI cable on before ordering this monitor.

Once I received this monitor I was surprised to see HDMI cable inside the box! Oh shit! I already bought another HDMI cable from so what I will do with this cable now?  so I thought to return the product back to Because return policy on amazon is really super.

I just requested to return the product on amazon India website, and next day amazon team came and collected the cable and refund is initiated.

That’s why I always LOVE and Shop on and I highly recommend everyone do the same.


Some Technical Things about BenQ GW2760HS Monitor:

  • 1920 X 1080 Resolution ( Tip: Check your screen resolution instantly at monitor resolution site)
  • Combination of HD LED with VA panel
  • 3000:1 native contrast, 20M: 1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 4ms GTG Response Time
  • Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology
  • Flicker-free Backlight
  • Different Reading Modes
  • Colour Shift-free Technology
  • HDMI Multimedia Interface
  • Windows 8 and Windows 7 Compatible (I’m using it on Window 10 without any issue)
  • 68.5 cm (27) Wide Screen
  • Slim Bezel: 11.5mm
  • Net Weight (kg) 4.5
  • Gross Weight (kg) 5.9


Let’s talk little bit BenQ GW2760HS Monitor Experience:

Actually, I ordered this monitor on because when I compare pricing with any other Indian shopping websites, they were the cheapest price so I ordered on snapdeal Even though I’m not a big fan of snapdeal.

Initially, I ordered only one monitor to see whether the monitor is good or not. After few days, I received the product from snapdeal. Packing was really Awesome. It came very safely. I was really impressed with a package, to be frank.

When I started opening the box, it was a Wow movement for me. Because I have been planning to upgrade bigger monitor for quite a few days.

The first impression was really so good…. monitor design was so nice. You cannot stop saying WOW when you start opening the box.

Coming to BenQ GW 2760 HS Monitor Setup

Setting up BenQ GW 2760 HS was dead easy. It doesn’t require much efforts. Make sure that you just have a look on manual which comes with the box. In the manual itself , hey have clearly given the step by step instruction with clear images so I didn’t find any difficult to setup the monitor at all.

Once, the monitor setup done it’s time to power ON!

Here also I didn’t find any difficulty as I was connected my Benq monitor with my Laptop using D-Sub cable. I highly recommend you to first connect your device (laptop, CPU) with D-Sub cable only.

Because by default this monitor comes with D-Sub as their default input port. If you wish to connect using any other port make sure that you change the monitor input port to the appropriate port in monitor settings.

For example: If you are going to use HDMI port, then you must change the setting on BenQ monitor to accept HDMI as their default port or else you won’t see any display on your benq monitor.

You can get the monitor settings by using the button which is available backside of the monitor. Just keep experimenting with those buttons to explore all other options.

Now it’s time to Turn ON monitor.

When I turn ON monitor I was feeling something different. Because this is the first time I used to work with 27 inch computer monitor. All things are looking so much big. At first I felt… maybe I did wrong buying 27 inch monitor, after few days I adjusted to it.

If you are also like me… I guess you will also feel like that initially. But don’t worry, that’s just temporary feeling. After few days you will love your 27 inch monitor setup.

Officially they have given only few Operating System as a supported O.S. I’m using this monitor on my Window 10 Operating System without having any problem. And one more thing, inside the box you will see one CD. Which is having manual and some monitor drivers. But I never used any of the drivers and all. It works absolutely perfect without installing any extra software or drivers.

For me display looks absolutely fantastic.

No complaints about picture quality.

When it comes to options on this monitor what I like is, Different Modes. Which usually changes display brightness. You can get this option by using monitor’s OSD (On Screen Display) where control are located backside of the monitor (backside buttons).

By default it comes with

Multimedia -30%

Web Surfing -50%

Office -60%

Reading -70%

Reading is the less brightness profile. In most cases I keep this profile as Active. If in you need to watch any movie, then you can easily change the color tone of the monitor immediately by choosing Multimedia option.

And all other options are basic options you usually find on any other monitors.

This Monitor comes with Speakers! Which I felt very useless features. Speaker sound quality wasn’t good enough, I felt any mobile speaker can easily outperform this monitor speaker. Anyhow, for just because of speaker I cannot say monitor itself bad. Because speaker has nothing to do with the monitor.

In Benq official website you can see they used to say Flicker Free technology. What I think is, it’s just marketing gimmick. Because nowadays all modern monitors comes with such technology.

From my point and budget point of view, BenQ GW2760HS Monitor could be perfect 27-inch monitor you can buy. I mainly use this monitor for my work needs. It includes casual browsing, viewing video songs (sometimes) & video editing. I’m not a gamer, and I didn’t try playing any games on it yet.

Second Monitor Order was a Terrible Experience!

I already told you guys that I’m not a big fan of snapdeal, but I still placed an order on it due to 1,000 Rs price difference when I compared to any other Indian shopping sites. To my surprise, my First order came very safely with very well packed. I was very happy with the package, and I even gave 5-star rating on snapdeal after seeing the package.

After using the monitor for few days I convinced to buy another BenQ GW2760HS Monitor. This time also I placed an order on snapdeal again.

When the order came I was shocked to see the package. This time, packing is so worst.

They didn’t put any extra covering as they did it on my first order. They just sent with the original package box, that’s it.

The box is broken on the front side of the monitor. You can clearly see the damage in the below images. The damage impact is almost touched the monitor display. But display didn’t got hurt somehow. Finally, I was lucky enough to get the product without damage!

And, Don’t think replacing or refund on snapdeal is easy as amazon or Flipkart. I already dealt with them once. Maybe I will come up with another post regarding that.





If little price difference is not a big deal, then I always recommend you guys to buy from or Flipkart.

And finally here is my dual monitor setup in Action.





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Rakesh - June 27, 2016

nice post…………

shaik - November 26, 2016

Hi, How about Text reading on 27″ on this monitor since 1290×1020 is considered as less for 27″ monitors for text reproduction. I mainly intending to use it for programming, reading a lot of text in pdfs, web and etc… so i basically more concerned about text bases usage. Can you tell your experience on this?

    ARUN - November 27, 2016

    I’m not sure what you are trying to ask. I don’t see any stress or difficulty in reading text on my PC. Here the screenshot which I took on this monitor how the text is displayed on it.


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